Bal Compagnon or LV Zippy Organizer or Porte-papier zippé, (quality/sturdyness)

  1. I'm still undecided.

    What I really need is a new wallet.
    I'm not into LV bags but have always had a lot of their accessory.
    I saw the compagnon and the leather is great but wonder if it's sturdy enough as much as I love to switch bags I always carry the same wallet which needs to basically hold everything.:shame:

    To Compagnonowners:
    Do the cardslots turn loose because of the softness of the leather?

    Are there any of you who own both and can let me know how they compare?

    Pricewise they are close the compagnon here is 370 euros and the ZO 410 euros.

    I know I've asked a similar question in the past but have now narrowed down my choice.
  2. I have a compagnon and use it everyday (had it for about 3 months). The card slots are very sturdy and haven't loosened at all. I love it!
  3. could you show us the wallets in picts as comparison? :P
  4. I have large collections of both LV and Balenciaga bags and love both brands equally :love:

    I own both a Balenciaga Large Compagnon and a LV Zippy Wallet (wallet not organiser) and have to say that in my opinion the LV is best for everyday use. It is so very practical and will last for years without showing signs of wear. The design is perfect as well with ample credit card slots, bill sections and a coin purse that is really easy to get into.

    I love my Compagnon as well and tend to use it when I travel as it is slightly larger and fits my Passport and tickets very comfortably. I do find I am more "careful" with my Balenciaga as it is more prone to show wear and tear. Also the coin section is not as practical.

    These are my opinions but both look very different so I guess it depends on exactly what you are after :s
  5. I love the compagnon, its a great size and can also be used as a clutch. Also its diferent, it seems everyone has a LV.

  6. Shure it's diffrent and I like it very much it's not so mutch a question of design but of surdyness since I am a one wallet kind of girl, which meens they have to be "ready to suffer"!


    Thanks for your input it's always good to hear from people who have both.
    I think I tend more towards the LV
  7. This is very interesting to me as I just purchased a compagnon (the smaller one without the zipper) in rouge vif. It is beautiful but after about 3 weeks of use (and I am very careful with it, putting it into something else in my purse so it is not banging around), the edges are darkened.

    After research and especially hearing from Balchelfen, I am planning on buying a LV zippy wallet for everyday use and keeping the compagnon for special occasions. I don't really care for the logo look but the durability is appealing.
  8. I dont have a Balenciaga wallet yet, I have had tonz of Chloe wallets and they were very sturdy and held up great. I had a LV Framboise Koala that I just loved. Kinda regret selling it. Since I sold all my wallets, I'm just using my Cornflower cosmetic case as a wallet now. Accessories are really important to me, and I switch my wallets about once a week (when I have more than 1 than it). I love all the smaller item: the wallets, cosmetic cases, coin purses...would love to hear more opinions on the Balenciaga wallets though.
  9. I have a LV zippy wallet in black epi. It is indestructible, so it makes a great everyday wallet. My only complain is that it is quite heavy. Easily the heaviest thing in my bag.
  10. I am not an LV purse fan but I have the compact wallet and the circular change purse and I love them!!
  11. The Bal shop only had the sapin compagnons so the decision was "easy". I went to LV and finally got the LV Zippy organizer, I'm not shure I'll keep it:confused1:. It was terrible I was about 1 hour in the shop without being able to make a decision, the zippy wallet was "too small" and the organizer really big.
    My baby started to get upset :sso I went for the organizer. It fits easily in the bag but it's really big in my hand...hmmmm
  12. catcat:
    just ordered the zippy wallet; room for cash and receipts is essential to me so I'll let you know if it is big enough.
  13. Oh thanks, that's great!
  14. I have the Balenciaga Blueberry Money. It appears to be exceptionally durable and there have been no signs of wear and tear on mine after a couple of months of use. I did spray it with Apple Garde Rain/Stain Repellant - maybe that helped.

    For me, the Money style is perfect - plenty of credit card slots, several pockets, space for a checkbook, zipped change pocket, and quick to get in and out of (no zip-around - just a flap w/a magnetic closure).