Bal Cannes


Mar 11, 2010
I just got some emails von Bal Cannes by an SA calles Christophe. He seems really nice and answerede my emails fast. He also sent me a picture of the bag I´m interested in. Has anyone here dealed with him before? I´m just curious and a little bit worried to send my cc details and id copy to them.
BTW, I´v read in some posts here, that Cannes charges 8% of the bag price for shipping? True? Even when its delivered within Europe?
May 7, 2008
SW Florida
Here's another thread that can prob help to answer some of your questions:

I am in the US and recently purchased from Cynthia at Cannes. I had to send the info as requested CC & ID and all seemed fine. Shipping was ridiculous, but in the end, the bag was cheaper to buy internationally than in the US and I could not find it here anyway... I wanted to buy another bag that they have, but Cynthia can't seem to find a camera that takes clear pics "b/c the leather is shiny" as per her words, which is also ridiculous, so I guess I won't be buying!