Bal boutique visit - impressions of Sienna, Ocean, Plomb, Violet...

  1. Finally the new(ish) colors have arrived here and so I'll share my .02 cents:

    - Sienna: I saw a gorgeous Sienna SGH work and rh First. I never knew what the color looked like, cark caramel, reddish-brown, brick red, what... So now I've seen it, it's a deep reddish-brown, like cognac but slightly darker, very very luscious and saturated. Definitely redbrick-brown. Gorgeous. What I didn't like so much was the SGH, the tone of the bag was warm (almost glowing lol), so that was quite a contrast. I haven't seen it in GGH though. :tup:

    - Ocean: I initally thought it was a washed-out mid-blue but I think it's much more vibrant. A true blue, it would look great with SGH. :graucho:

    - Plomb: I wasn't sure before whether it might be an (again) washed-out version of black but it's so not! It's a shiny, grey-blueish color. I was wearing a black suit and cream sweater and the black really set it off. Very chic, the black looked dull and flat in comparison (and I love black and have a black First, so I'm not saying this lightly lol). It was really smokin' with SGH. :nuts:I can't imagine that I'd like it with GGH because it's such a cool color.

    - Violet: this was actually the reason that I went in the first place. It was sold already... I asked the SA to describe violet. She said it was almost like lilac, but darker and definitely a cool color :confused1: So I knew I would have liked a darker purple but probably not that, although the pics here on tPF were just :drool:. So I'm still on the fence but I think I have to face that I'm not a purple person.

    Of course I got something too, it just "clicked" with me, not at all what I was expecting to get!! But sometimes you just... :rolleyes::nuts:But the daylight's gone so I'll post pics tomorrow.

    Sorry no pics, the (really nice!) SA was focussing her attention on me (not that I complain). I still thought another's impression could perhaps help someone who couldn't buy in person.
  2. Thanks for the report! I actually had the same impression of Sienna when I saw it IRL. From seeing it in pictures here on the forum, I thought it was pretty, but I didn't think it was for me. But when I went to NM and saw it IRL, I was floored! SUCH a deep, rich color, it was :heart:at first sight! They had a first in RH and a day in SGH, and I agree with you, I was :confused1: with the SGH. Just didn't look "right" on a warm color.
  3. ^Yup...
    And I forgot to mention, I also saw an anthracite wallet, and compared to the steel it's completely different. Anthra seemed black-greenish and steel grey-navyish.
  4. Well that SA certainly grows different lilacs to those in my garden. I have never met one as dark and rich as my violet bag. Take this with a pinch of salt if I were you!
  5. SOUTH-OF-FRANCE....I'm sitting here in suspense...can't wait to see what you brought home with you!!!! :yahoo:

    I love Ocean w/ SGH! I'm posting my new purchases tomorrow too!!! :heart:

    and plomb w/ sgh is definitely HOT!
  6. ^Thanks ICB! What did YOU get? :nuts:
    I wish I could post pics but I don't want to post color-distorted nighttime pics so it'll have to wait. But one of your guesses is very good! :yahoo:
  7. ITA about the Plomb. Isn't is just gorgeous and so rich IRL? I love it! I also can't wait to see pics of your new purchase! You're keeping us in suspense!

    I don't know if the SA is correct about the Violet color, it doesn't look lilac to me at all!
  8. Ohhhh thanks for the info! I was wondering about Plomb...because someone on eBay described it as a purple-black. So definetly no hints of purple?
    I have this big inner debate regarding black vs. plomb right now LOL
  9. ^Oh I know twiggers! No purple hints in plomb, at all. It's more a combination of dark charcoal grey, with hints of navy and a subtle silvery sheen... :drool:

    Sorry about the suspense, not much longer ;)
  10. Thanks France! I can't wait to see what you got!!!!
  11. We'll be waiting France:rolleyes:
  12. Oh, I can't wait to see what you got! I'll called there today and no sienna courier, arghhhh!!!! I'm so glad you got to see the colors in pics soon!

    one more thing, were the sienna bags consistent in color? thanks!
  13. oh thanks for the descriptions South!!! now I'm changing my mind about the plomb again... its been a case of like-dislike-like-dislike in the past few weeks!!! but I'm definitely getting a sienna city though once the $ back in wallet! thanks again!

  14. Yes they were, some were a bit more distressed than others, but colorwise the 3 different styles I saw were similar. :tup: Although the SGH bags had thicker, smooshier leather than the rh First I saw, which reminded me of crackly dry 06 leather :confused1:
  15. bit of a late reply..........just found this thread:rolleyes: go with the plomb twiggers it's TDF :drool: i have always resisted a black bal cos to me they just always look so :confused1: but my plomb is a rich, soft, thick, slouchy, pearly, (:rolleyes:) slightly bluey charcoal & what with the SGH..............sorry i'll compose myself now :nuts: ..........yes, go with the plomb! :yes: