Bal Anthracite Eye Shadow?

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  1. I am looking for that perfect, high pigment eyeshadow the color of my Anthra GGH Day!!! This color combo looks so good on my skin, that I want to recreate it on my eyes! I already have a great gold from NARS (goldfinger) and now I need my anthra pop! LOL Any ideas?

    This should also probably go in the "you know you have a problem when...." thread!:roflmfao:
  2. here's an accurate representation of the color combo:
  3. I have a very good suggestion! Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Gunmetal. It looks grey and shimmery in its box but it looks like a grey blue when worn. Hope it works for you!
  4. Shu Umeura IR990 is an irridescent blackish colour, try it out because it doesn't look the same in the pan as it does on the eyes.

    I wish you well,

  5. brunettetiger, what an amazing idea for an eyeshadow combo!! I think that could end up being one of the best smoky eye looks ever!! I'm going to try the Nars shade that you suggested with the Bobbi Brown shade that danae suggested!! :woohoo:
  6. If you find one you like, spread the word! I recently got an anthra bag too and matching shadow is a great idea!! Thanks Brunettetiger
  7. hmm... how about the MAC pigments in Naval Blue or softwash grey or the Bobbibrown in the gunmetal or saphire?... they're all beautiful colors...
  8. I feel like this Dior eyeshadow in Metallic Blue would you give you the depth of color if you were to layer it over a simple black eyeshadow to give it a darker shade (if you so choose, though this color is just GORGEOUS by itself).
  9. thanks for the suggestions Im going to go to go play with all of them!!!

    whoo hoo let's start a new trend - matching our makeup to our bbags!!!

    BTW - Goldfinger is AWESOME color for lids!
  10. how about also what is the best lipstick to match Tomato and CLs?
  11. That would look pretty, what color are your eyes?
  12. i don't know about an eye shadow but i loooooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee your bag.
  13. Awake Stardom eyeshadow in Stormy Blue is similar to anthra. I have that shadow. It's a greyish blue shade with a sheen of light green but if you apply the shadow with a wet brush it intensifies the color and makes it looks more like anthra. I usually wear it as a liner by using the transformer that turns the shadow to liner when I go out at night b/c it gives off that deep intense blue, green, grey color depending on what angle you look at it.

    here's a link...NM has it

    Sorry I don't know how to post links.
  14. For anthracite I would say Smashbox Concept :yes:
  15. The perfect anthracite shadow is also from Nars - Thunderball. Goldfinger and Thunderball are killer together!

    And I think Tomato looks like Nars Red Lizard.