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Food Baking with a 8x3 inch round cake pan?

Sep 13, 2006
Does anyone have any experience baking with a 8x3 inch round cake pan? I am making a cake for my Wilton cake decorating class on Saturday, and purchased this pan. I was planning on using a box cake mix(more cost effective) and I was just wondering how much I should fill up the pan as it is very deep. On the Wilton website it says for that particular pan to fill it with 5 cups of batter, but I have read on different websites that people have a lot of trouble with the center being done all the way through because of the depth of the pan. I'm wondering if I should exchange the 8x3 round for 2 8x2 rounds?


Sofa King Delicious
May 26, 2006
I take the Wilton classes also and I use the 8 inch round pan. I just had to increase the cooking time and every cake has come out perfect so far. I also have the 9 in rounds and for class I prefer to use the 8 inch round. I also only use 5 cups of cake mix . I see that you are in Texas also, where are you taking your classes? I take mine at Hobby Lobby.