Baking cake??

  1. Ok. My bf's birthday is coming up. I never bake cake b4. I want to make the best chocolate cake for him (he loves chocolate), but seem like it won't going well since I dont know where to start. Do you have any suggestion? Any website?
  2. If I were you I would use a mix, like Betty Crocker Butter in the Mix, then use the icing. Making one from scratch is too hard.
  3. I know :sad: but I want to make it special tho. I never done anything like this b4. :sad:
  4. Go with a mix for your first time, that's the best way.
  5. yeah i second the mix, to add a personal touch, by some different coloring icings and sprinkles :smile:. i think mixes taste better than most recipes i've tried. they're pretty fool-proof too, just follow the instructions on the back. i'm sure your boyfriend will just appreciate the thought.
  6. Try a Dr. Pepper Chocolate cake. It's good.
    Mixes are pretty tough to beat these days. Some of the best cakes I've made are from mixes.
    I always use a box of Dream Whip for frosting. It's awesome. Good luck.
  7. I think making a cake from scratch is relatively easy. You just need a good, straightforward recipe.

    Delia Smith is a really good cook and her recipes are always very clear and easy to follow; even if you've never cooked before.

    I can honestly say that I've never had a disaster after following one of her recipes:

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