Bakers platform pumps: Pics and Opinions gals :)

  1. i'm contemplating on the size, im usually a size 6 in bakers but just wondering if anyone else had tried these shoes on. :smile:

    any thoughts are welcome too!:yes:

    style names are jacinda and paige

    jacinda black plat pumps.jpg

    brown suede platform pumps paige.jpg

    natural leather platform pumps.jpg
  2. I really like the black ones on top! more versatile.. how much are they going for??
  3. i love the first ones :biggrin: im loving round toe'd at the mo!
    i do love the next two pairs too but peep toe really hurts my toes because my feet fall forward with my weight? and rip my toes to shreds!
  4. they're $79.95 but i have an instore coupon that could save me $25 off! :smile:

    was able to get the 1st one and 3rd one! :smile:

    thanks gals!
  5. i have the black peep toe pumps. definately go a half size smaller & as long as your not on your feets all day, they are comfortable. This is a great option if you can't afford the originals!
  6. Now this is more my shoe budget! These are all great!
  7. I like the first one it's hawt! Just bought a pair of shoes from bakers which I love. But to say their shoes are true to size is a tough one. It really depends on style, I've found. The last time I visited I bought a 5 in a flat ballerina style, but a 6 in a boot and a 5 1/2 in a 4 inch slide. Best bet is to go down to the store and check them out IRL. Good luck!
  8. oh man, i'm loving these shoes. :smile: my mom scored some $25 off in store coupons, plus she also has a bakers card. can you believe she's able to get these shoesies for me at around $45 instead of $80?

    so far i have all three above! Next im eye-ing is the blue round toe! :smile: only one coupon left too! *sigh* i love my mom.
  9. I ordered those shoes yesterday in red.......I really hope they do fit me

    usually bakers shoes are true to size.........except for 2 pairs I got one time
  10. Hey
    You guys wouldn't happen to have that coupon code available?