Bakelite Anyone?

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  1. I just picked up a vintage Bakelite bangle (I researched the authentic "signs" before purchasing), which I love, but I am a bit hesitant to wear it. I'm nervous about 2 things: damaging it, and the formaldehyde it contains :wtf:.
    Anyone wear vintage Bakelite often? What are your experiences with it? I love this one since it has polka dots, and is to me a "find".
  2. The only way I have ever come across Bakelite in the trade is when it was used to substitute jet when it was in its black coloring.I have'nt heard of any of its components bieng damaging,as far as I was aware it just 'went out of vogue' and not for any other reasons really,I think its a 40's 50's thing?? to use it in jewellery?? I think as a bangle it would have an almost negligable touch against your skin,unlike a watch or something,and I would imagine the formaldehyde being stable?? I will check it out a bit more for you.

    But can you post some pics??I'm very curious,its sounds like a fabulously kitcsh find!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. oooohhh! i don't own any but i love those bakelite bangles!! great find indeed!
  4. Can you post a picture I would love to see it too.
  5. I have a few Bakelite pieces that I've purchased on eBay and at antique shows. I love big bangles, and sometimes find them clunky to wear. I just never wear more than one at a time, and I'm careful not to knock it around too much.

    Post pictures! I love Bakelite pieces, they're very retro and fun :nuts:
  6. Thanks for the help and info! Here's some pictures of the black and cream polka-dot:
  7. That's an awesome piece, if indeed, it is vintage bakelite. I used to buy/sell/collect costume jewelry and have a lovely collection of bakelite bangles that, I must admit, I mostly store without wearing. I would be so happy if the trend picked up! I know that the formaldehyde smell when you rub the piece is a good "smell" test, but I never heard anything about it being dangerous... that would be terrible! As for wearing, I wouldn't drop it onto a concrete floor, but I don't think you have to be too scared to wear it. It is a lovely, lovely design!
  8. I looooove bakelite! I don't have much though.. my fave is an olive green bangle with clear rhinestones.. I got a great deal on it because it has a hairline crack.. I don't care though, I just wanna wear it, and the crack doesn't compromise it, it's just cosmetic. I love it. :shame:

    I love your polka dot bangle! I love the bakelite bracelets best... I haven't heard anything about the formaldahyde being a problem though, I think it's ok. :yes:
  9. Very nice bangle. And informative thread. I don't own any bakelite, but have thought about purchasing some. I love retro jewelry! Thanks for posting.
  10. OOO, thats divine!!! I can't seem to find much about formaldehyde other than its a preservative,certainly nothing so far that indicates that its harmful to wear!!!
  11. yay for bakelite! that's a great bangle!!! my mother in law has bakelite cherry earrings and I am hoping to swipe them off her someday.
  12. Hahahahahaha!! I have just remembered,my mum had a 'tortoise shell' box made from bakerlite,I remember as a little one I used to play with it quite a bit,I kind of liked the strange smell,I even used to lick it as I thought the smell and taste were satisfying in a weird sort of way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. OK, so Chaz EATS bakelite, and she's turned out just fine! Thanks for the info- I have a feeling I'm going to be collecting lots of Bakelite. I even made a little pouch for my bracelet so it wouldn't get scratched in my jewelry box. I would love to see collections of others- I need more education in what to look for.
    Also, thanks for the compliments!!!
  14. I used to buy/sell/collect vintage and costume jewelry. The premier resoure on the web is a group called "jewelcollect." You can find out more about them here and also here.
    Have a ball!
  15. Here's my favorite bracelet, the one I mentioned earlier. :love: Please excuse my messy desk in the background! :Push:

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