Baked Potatoe is Hot part 2

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  1. Sorry I dont know how to add the photos to the other thread so here is the nicer photos. Let me know if this goes together. :shame:
  2. Looks fabulous! Congrats again!
  3. Congrats.
  4. I think you look great, "kitty"!:P
  5. Hello, Kitty! Very cute pap! Matches your outfit well too.
  6. wow!!!! what a hot bag! :yahoo:
  7. Wow!! Hot! Hot! Hot!:yahoo:
  8. GORGEOUS!! It even totally looks great with that outfit! Now I really can't wait to get mine!
  9. love the papillon version of this bag..the size it perfect because this bag really grabs your attention..looks awesome on you...congrats
  10. Very nice, congrat's
  11. wow, that's HOT!!! and I LOVE your skirt too.
  12. so cute! did anyone ever tell you you look like hello kitty? lol
  13. Looks great! congrats!
  14. Love the bag, but I almost love the skirt more. That skirt is so lovely! You look great!
  15. Looks real nice.