Bait and Swtich on Ebay

  1. Have you ever purchase a bag on Ebay and the seller sends you a fake bag.

    If you have, please share your experience with us and

    How did you resolve the situation?

    Was the outcome successful?
  2. Yup - I got my fair share of fakes.
    I contacted the seller and asked for a refund - which I did get :yes: So thank God for that!
  3. That has not happened to me yet (hope not ever). However there has been 2 occasions that after I paid I had a funny feeling about an auction and immediatly put in paypal claim. Both times I received a refund.
  4. Yes, purchased a Balenciaga City that the seller claimed she bought at Barneys in BH. It was a full on fake, SOOOO obvious, but she wouldn't back down and kept claiming it was authentic. She was insane. I had to go through lots of ropes with my Credit Card company to get the money back, but I finally did. That woman was crazy.
  5. I bidded on pochette once and won, before I paid I asked the seller to make sure I get the exact bag in the picture with the exact date code.I normally don't ask question but for some reasons I had bad feeling about the transaction eventhough the seller provided detail pics.
    She/he told me she will send brand new pochette and different date code. In that minute I knew she/he was planning on sending me fake bag..

    I told the seller I didn't want to complete the transaction..
  6. If it is not mentioned in the auction listing, ask the seller if the pics in the auction are of the actual item being auctioned...
  7. Hmm, thats wierd.. Ive never heard of someone admitting that theyre gonna send a bag with a different date code??

    Anyhoo, Ive heard of people selling real bags, getting some excuse from the buyer that they want to send it back and send back a fake!!:wtf: God, I hope that doesnt happen to me, thats why I only accept 2 day returns..
  8. ive had that happen to me. you really just need to file a paypal claim asap and go through it like its the same bag on the website just a fake. just include the bait and switch information in your paypal claim. sellers are ridiculous
  9. Yes! I bought a LV Denim Speedy from a gal who claimed she was from Canada. (I only buy from Canada or US) The picture of the bag in the auction was a real bag. She sent me a fake from China! She claimed she was on holidays in China and that's why it was sent from there. I could smell the fakeness ASAP after I opened the package. She even sent me a fake receipt and fake cards and envelope. The envelope was green with a really bad LV font. When did LV envelopes ever come in green???? Never!

    I told her I wanted my money back because the bag was fake. She even went on to claim that it wasn't and that the receipt was proof the bag was real. Eventually I got my money back through paypal, thanks to mypoupette.

    I contacted all the other members who had won other items from her and they told me they had caught on to her scam before they paid and she didn't put up a fight for them to pay for their items. I was the only sucker that paid her...sigh. She even relisted her items and added a new paragraph stating that the bag was authentic and that if you don't believe her then don't bid! Her english was awful too!

    I even got her kicked off ebay for shill bidding. I noticed another ebayer had bid on all of her other items to jack up the prices.
  10. Awhile back when I first started collecting, I purchased a Speedy for a BIN price of 60.00 (should have been my first red flag)...

    I knew the minute I recieved the bag it was fake...but took it to LV just to be sure. They verified. I emailed the seller and politely explained that LV verified it as a counterfiet and requested a refund. She emailed me back stating she did not offer refunds..and appoligized for my displeasure.. I then emailed her back explaining that it was against the LAW as well as against EBAY POLICY to sell counterfiet designer goods..and that I wanted to work this situation out with her without involving PAYPAL, EBAY and the Federal Postal Marshall. Thats when she got UGLY.....

    She emailed me back stating she never stated in the auction that it was authentic..and she wasn't going to refund this purchase. I emailed her back..still staying calm and explained that unfortunetly I would proceed with my notifications...and did just that...

    It took almost 60 days..but PAYPAL did find her GUILTY and refunded my money. The last email I got from her (after the guilty finding) was very angry..and she proceeded to tell me what a horrible person I was and to never bid on any of her auctions again...(LIKE I WOULD). Of course..I didn't respond back...
  11. I received a fake bag, took me 3 months to get the refund, and you could DEFINATELY smell the fakeness of it. It smells really weird. A few months later, I saw same seller from Scotland selling same CB pochette, she must have closets full... ugh.... I was so glad to get my money back... finally.
  12. Yep. Here's what happened:

    Purchased a "guaranteed authentic" Vuitton Damier Triana from a seller with 100% very high number positive feedback. Her first mistake - she shipped the bag uninsured after I had paid for insurance. I came home one Saturday afternoon from my friend's funeral and there was the box, sitting by my front door.

    Took the box inside. Noticed right away that the dust bag was a cheap fake. Immediately took the bag to Neiman's. Three SA's looked at it and without hesitation said it was in fact authentic. Then, they decided to compare it to one of their bags from the back. Mine was about 1" shorter and my hardware had a brushed finish instead of a shiny finish. They were completely shocked. Said it was the best fake they'd ever seen.

    I took the bag home, requested the seller's contact information and called her. Left three messages on her phone that evening. Called again around 11:00 pm. Her son said she was not home but would be home at around 1:00 am. Told him to have her call me immediately upon arriving home. No call.

    Woke up the next morning and started calling her again at home at 6:00 am. Yes, I'm crazy. But whatever. She had my money. Anyway, I finally woke her up at around 8:00 am. Told her to get out of bed and refund my money immediately or I was on my way to her house on Long Island. And I was bringing the cops. And my husband.

    Money was refunded within minutes. I shipped her crappy little bag bag with a note DARING her to re-list it.
  13. I have 3 sellers on ebay who I buy from. I know that I will get the real deal from them. If they dont have the bag I want or cant get it, and I cant find it at Chloe or Nordstroms, etc. Then I dont get it. If they dont have it...its just not meant to be for me. I wont risk anything getting a fake bag.
  14. Thank you all for sharing. It's nice to see that all of you got your refund.
  15. Is it true if you file a complaint on ebay they charge you $25 even if you're on the right? If the seller refunds they money, did you guys send it back on your own or do they pay for shipping? These people . . .

    I've gotten fake jeans on the site and I didn't even bother filing even though I really wanted to.