Bailey's 1st Halloween

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  1. Here is Bailey as a Fire Chief.

    I chose his outfit because he loves running around the Fire Station, and always howls when he hears a siren!!!

    Hope you like him!


  2. OMG! how cute!!!!
  3. Yay another boy dogie named Bailey! He looks so amazingly cute in his costume. :tup: Happy Howl-a-ween!
  4. He is adorable! :love:
  5. Oh, he is adorable! He doesn't look like he minds the costume either. Too cute!

    Last year, Charlie (in avatar) was "Superdog" which just consisted of a cape my mom made for him w/ an "S" on the back, w/ a loop that wrapped around his collar and he still flipped out... and he only wore it while the neighborhood kids trick or treated. Big baby!
  6. Aww, he's so cute!
  7. Lol, too cute!
  8. Too Cute!
  9. Adorable!
  10. LOLOL i love the hat!
  11. Thanks everyone! :biggrin:

    He doesn't mind it at all, well...except for the hat, but he will just have to deal! :sneaky:
  12. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWW!!! He looks so happy wearing it!! :biggrin:
  13. Oh i love it!!!!!!!!
  14. i love it... so cute:heart::heart::heart:
  15. Go Bailey!!!