Bai2bie's Collection

  1. Hello all~ I'm new to this forum and wanted to start off my sharing my so-called "collection." Enjoy!

    my "special" daywear shoppers..

    my everyday shoppers..

    my evening-wear..

    my daytime essentials..

    my favorite babies..

    the fun juicy's..
  2. really nice..especially the LV and the chanel...
    buy more please
  3. love the white chanel! thanks for sharing.
  4. Lovely collection! The whit Chanel is gorgeous!
  5. love the Dior gaucho.
  6. great collection!
  7. What a gorgeous collection!! I love all your totes :smile:
  8. Wonderful collection! The white Chanel is amazing! It's my favorite color of that particular style!
  9. fantastic collection! love the gaucho.
  10. Beautiful and great pictures!
  11. Beautiful collection :smile:
  12. Very nice, Love the white Chanel.
  13. Very cute collection, I especially like the small flowers saddle !
  14. Lovely, esp the white Chanel and the Gaucho!
  15. great collection! i love that chanel cambon tote :smile: