Bai Ling @ Frederick's of Hollywood Spring 2008 fashion show in Los Angeles, Oct. 24

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Surprisingly sedate for Bai! What's up with the band-aids though -- can anyone read what is written on them?
  3. she usually looks great but here..umm..EEKK! I like the dress but not w/those shoes and bag.:tdown:
  4. Can't stand her and I don't even know what she does LOL
  5. ^^ yah, what DOES she do?
  6. Wow, I figured that Bai Ling + Fredericks = naked.
  7. Looks like it says "my book nipples" :shrugs:

    And I am surprised also. She's been featured so many times in the boobs oops thread that I thought this would be a repeat performance. :roflmfao:
  8. this girl is everywhere, and i feel like she 'does' nothing! she'd go to the opening of a grocery store.
  9. This woman kills me !!!
  10. Nice bandaids...heh heh.
  11. shes always dressed so funky. she's interesting.

    she's an actress...
  12. my book nipples...classy :yucky:
  13. Bai..Who?
  14. I do not like her. I never like any of her acting roles. She was a guest star on Entourage as well.