Bai Ling arrested at LAX for stealing magazines

  1. Bai Ling to Sing Sing? Wacktress Arrested at LAX

    Posted Feb 14th 2008 9:45AM by TMZ Staff


    TMZ has learned that our favorite chicken dancer was arrested at LAX yesterday for allegedly shoplifting two celeb magazines and a pack of batteries from one of the terminal stores! She keeps going and going and going ...

    Law enforcement sources tell us Ling walked into the gift shop around 4:30 PM yesterday -- and walked out with the goods; total value around $16. She was placed under citizen's arrest by a shop employee. We're told that a "cooperative but crying" Ling was taken by Airport Police to the station, where she was booked for theft.

    A court date has not yet been set.
  2. She'll do anything to stay in the spotlight!
  3. what does she do anyway? another "gossip celebrity"?
  4. ^^ Pretty much. She's a minor actress with mostly small roles in H'wood films. Hasn't done anything new that I'm aware of. She's known for her desperate attention-seeking shenanigans with the press.
  5. hhmm.....maybs she shoud do something more DARING.:nuts:
  6. She acts like she's mentally challenged:roflmfao:,guess she's what people call a
  7. I don't even know any films of hers. The only thing I recognize her from is being in the gossip magazines' worst dressed articles.
  8. I know her from an episode of Entourage.

    (It was the one where Vincent was asked to be in a Chinese energy drink commercial).
  9. lol, same here
  10. Desperate plea for attention. :rolleyes:
  11. The story of her life.
  12. I just don't get some people !