BAHHH!!! Look at what I got todayyy!!!

  1. Had to take the bus today to the city just to buy the bags.. the bus driver was extremely rude because I didn't have enough small change for the tickets so I had to give him a $50 note in exchange for two tickets which cost $20.. When he saw the $50 he was like, "I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! you're in a public transport for God's sake!! if you wanna pay me $50 GO TAKE THE CAB!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS! Why don't you go and ask the ppl around you for money?!!" .. and so I went around asking the other passengers for small change.. none of them had any.. So I told him I'll just catch the next bus.. Then he took out this STACK of money and finally gave me change for $50.. i was like wth? IF you had the money just freakin' give it to me!!! He went ON AND ON about it.. He was scolding me and my mum!! I was so damn pissed okay. If he didn't have any small change then I'd say it's my fault but he had SO much money okay..!! What a bad way to start the day.. What a moron :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: :boxing::boxing:

    Anyway, headed to the LV boutique and got some goodies.. The Reade PM and zippy wallet both belong to my mum.. while the Minna Street and Cles are mine! Also bought a little pendant from T&CO.. weeeeeeee :yahoo:

    Thanks for letting me vent my anger and to shareeeee my joy !
    PB230071.JPG PB230073.JPG PB230075.JPG PB230078.JPG PB230081.JPG
  2. wow.. shopping galore...:woohoo: awesome!
  3. Hahhahaa. Bad bus driver! :tdown: Good Vuitton! :tup:
  4. only today .. haha
  5. haha yes yes totally agree with you on that !
  6. The bus cost is very expensive, $20?

    If the cost was $2 then you pay $5's not big problem I think!!
    The cost $20, you pay $50...what is wrong? Same thing!!

    wow, mean driver he was!!
    but you and your mom got nice vernis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FORGET IT! The driver was just tired.
  7. Congrats !! :tup:
  8. Woo, that's an expensive bus ride!!! :smile:

    Nice loot :biggrin:
  9. yeah exactly my point!! bwahaha my mum said he was having PMS ;p

  10. haha yeah for two person ..i stay quite far from the city :push:
  11. hehe thanks LuvTare !
  12. I can't believe that bus driver was soooooo obnoxious!!!! I mean, come on, he had the money and was being a jerk just because??? Who does that!:cursing:

    At least the day was saved with your great shopping!!! Your purchases are spectacular! :p
  13. Congrats ... forget about the bus driver .. maybe he was having a bad friday:yes: Focus on your STUNNING new LV goodies:yahoo:
  14. boslvuton: yeah he was really mean ;( thanks, i wish i could go shopping like this everyday!

    shalomjude: haha thanks!! i dont dare to use them yet ;D
  15. Geese, what a horrible bus driver!! But what a great way to turn things around with such beautiful LV's!! Simply gorgeous!!