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  1. Hello ladies! Next month, I am taking a trip to the Bahamas! I am staying at Paradise Island Harbour Resort. Has anyone ever been here? Any feedback?

    Are there any good clubs/bars you would recommend?

    Any good day activities?

    Any precautions?

    Thanks girls!
  2. What island is that resort on? I have been to the Bahamas a couple of times by boat, once by plane. I've stayed at West End and the Abaco Islands (which is so much fun!).

    Fun things to do, no matter where you're staying are signing up for a half day-long snorkeling trip, where a large boat takes everyone out to a reef and you spend the day snorkeling and hanging out on the boat.

    You can do the same thing with a deep-sea charter fishing trip. Many marinas have larger sportfisherman boats that you can charter for a half day or day. You have to get up pretty early, but saltwater fishing is a blast :cool:

    Drinking and eating is a fun activity! :P You must pick up some fresh conch salad while you're there :heart:

    As far as precautions go, when I went with my family when I was 16, my cousins and I had a lot of guys trying to talk to us at the hotel club/bar area. Just be careful, don't go anywhere desolate with someone you don't know, take normal safety precautions and just be aware of your surroundings. Oh, and if you do go on a dive/snorkel trip, beware of strong currents! Once, my aunt was almost taken out to sea when we had anchored on a shallow reef to do some snorkeling.

    HAVE FUN! I'm so jealous :P
  3. Wow, never been to the Bahamas but just wanted to say "HAVE A GREAT TIME!"
  4. Wow, have a great time! I've never been to the Bahamas, but I've heard lots of great stories! :smile:
  5. They had a great Fendi store there,I bought a great Fendi bag there years ago!
  6. Oh really?! I'm excited about Fendi, I'll be sure to check that out. I'm staying on Nassau. Thanks for the advice Cristina! I believe a free snorkeling lesson comes with my reservations, as well as eating and drinking. Thanks guys!
  7. You should go visit Atlantis!! It is so amazing. There is a club and a casino for you to go at night. I went a few years back and it was great. This July I'm cruising to the Bahamas.
    YOu should also go to the straw market, where they sell so many different crafts, etc.. It's fun to see what is there. Last time, I got the best handmade leather sandals for like $5 and they still look great three years later. I'm get so many compliments on them, and noone else has them!!
  8. Atlantis has a Versace and Gucci store.....I got a great deal on a Gucci belt and shoes..on sale there....
  9. Never been there but want to say HAVE FUN!!!
  10. You should do the Dolphin Encounter.
  11. I was in Nassau last august. Had a great time! Definitely be careful if you are going downtown at night to party - make sure you stay in a group and watch out for each other. The straw market was great - but very hot inside in August and packed with people. I only went down 1-2 aisles before I couldn't take it anymore. I think when I went it was a temporary straw market due to a fire or something so maybe it has been moved by now. There is also some good shopping in downtown Nassau too.

    We did a trip to Atlantis - as visitors you have access to the casino, shopping, restaurants, and aquarium. You can't get into the guest-areas - like pool and ocean. It was very beautiful there - If I ever go back to Bahamas I plan on staying at Atlantis.

    We also took a snorkeling trip 1/2 day and a trip to a desserted island (full-day). Both were fun.

    Other than that basically just hung out on the beach and relaxed. I'm sure you will find plenty to do once you get there! Have a great time!
  12. never been there but gosh, sounds like really fun.. enjoy it...
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm *SO* excited! I think we will definitely go snorkeling, check out Atlantis (Gucci OF COURSE!), perhaps swim with dolphins (not sure if my friend is up for that, lol!) I'll probably spend most of my time laying in the sun basically...:biggrin:
  14. Definitely do snorkling and swimming w/ the dolphins!