Bah, should I cancel his bid?

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  1. Someone with a feedback of 34/87% (40+, 6-) just placed a bid on my auction. All the negs were because of non-payment. He also hasn't bought anything since July 05.

    Should I leave it or cancel it? Usually I'd like to see feedback at least in the 90 percentile. But then this auction isn't for a lot of money. Final value will probably be 20 or 30 bucks.
  2. Yes, that's horrible feedback! Especially since the negs are for non-payment. Cancel his bid and block him. Why risk dealing with NPB, neg FB, FVF credits, relist, second chance offer, etc.? Good luck on your auction!
  3. In this case, i would too cancel his bid. Saves you from relisting if that person is the winner and doesn't follow it through. He probably bids on impulse. If his really sincere about buying, i'd think he'll attempt to email you.
  4. I would cancel his bid and then email him explaining why I'm doing it (just in case he is sincere this time). And then if he's sincere about payment, send him a Paypal invoice first and upon getting his payment, end your auction immediately for the buyer. That way both parties are covered. Hope this helps.
  5. To me, this sounds like an account that may have been hijacked-I would cancel the bid. If they really want the item, they will email you to ask why, and you can establish a dialogue. Then, who knows?
  6. I agree, I would cancel his bid.
  7. cancel it asap.
  8. i would cancel. why give yourself the additional stress of having to file a NPB, relist etc etc?
  9. i'd cancel it too, if he truly wanted it he'd have emailed something along the lines of "hey, i know my feedback sucks but i really want your item and i promise to be a good little ebayer and pay!"
  10. I want to say give it a chance, but if I am the seller, I would have some hesitations about a buyer with the amount of non-payment he has. The buyer has nothing to lose, you do!
  11. Cancel it!
  12. Cancel bid and block the buyer otherwise you might have problems
  13. Thanks to everyone's responses. I cancelled his bid and blocked him.