Bah my chain broke /sob

  1. well last week i exchanged my GST for a black caviar east/west and the chain totally broke~! ive had it less than a week. has anybody else had this happen? i want to get to Neiman Marcus and purchase a different bag because im really ticked off that the bag is broken after 2 uses.

    do you think they will hassle me because of the chain?

    i dont want it fixed i want my GST back!
  2. Definitely take it back to NM! If it has only been a week, it sounds like you got a defective bag and your SA can probably either swap it out or do a return. That happened to me once with a Chloe clutch where one of the straps just snapped after a couple weeks of swinging it around. I took it back and the SA immediately called and had a new one sent to me.
  3. ^Wow you have a nice SA. If you've had the bag for that short a period of time definitely take it in because that's certainly not normal for it to break so soon. Good luck.
  4. /sigh

    gonna drive to sf for the 10th time in 2 weeks to pick out a new bag. this happening crushed my e/w love for now.

    my god ive spent close to 200 dollars for bridge toll, parking and gas just on this one bag! lol
  5. That sux - what an inconvenience, but it sounds like you were missing the GST and now you have the perfect opportunity to get it back.
  6. Yea, I'm thinking you fell in lust with the e/w but you are truly wanting the GST now. Go w/ what your heart tells ya.

    Def take it back ASAP..sorry you have to go through all the inconvenience to replace your bag! :sad:
  7. That sucks! It doesn't sound like a common problem however. Perhaps you just had bad luck with a defected one? Since you had it for such a short time, I'm sure they will gladly take it back and let you exchange it.
  8. is it possible to call in to explain your situation and then ask if they can locate you a GST by the time you get there?
  9. OMG, that is horrible.:shocked: I am sure they will take it back. How about getting them shipped over night from now on. I do that when I do not feel like driving and I am only 30 min away. Let us know what happens.
  10. i decided to take the bus into sf since i live right on the other side of the golden gate bridge from sf so literally 1 exit away.

    my SA was so sweet she didnt even hesitate about returning the bag.

    looks like i own the GST again. luckily it was actually less expensive than before! i told her i took the bus for the first time and she said if i want she can have one shipped to my house so i dont have to take it on the bus. there was a huge tax difference i ended up saving around 75 dollars by having it shipped to my house from another state.

    yay =)

    p.s. the public bus smells kinda funny lol
  11. Glad it worked out for you. NM is pretty good about stuff like that.
  12. I am glad everything worked out for you.
  13. That's great! I'm glad everything worked out for you.