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Aug 10, 2020
So I contacted my SA at Tiffany and pre-ordered the regular leather bag.

Apparently there is a whole collection of bigger and smaller bags and charms. An all silver bag (yes, the metal). And the croc of course. The collection is gorgeous. She sent me pictures.

I am sure this is just a marketing ploy but I decided to play along. In order to be considered you have to down pay at least half, for the croc full price. But your chances go up when you pay the full price. (hm)

The regular smooth leather costs $5500. I asked for the price of the croc and she was not sure but thought $60000.

The downpayment is of course refundable. I am sure they are counting on me just buying something else instead if I am not "chosen".
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Mar 29, 2013
Per Cassie Thorpe, the Nano Tiffany with the sterling chain handle will be the same price for both the satin and leather versions. There is also a commenter on this video who, per one of her SAs, the croc Tiffany (with diamonds) is $140K MTO with 12-15 months lead time. Cassie is also hearing the Tiffany collab might drop early 2023 and the Fendi and SJP will be mid-November / early-December 2022, no intel on when the Marc Jacobs collab drops.

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