Baguette questions ??

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  1. I'm mostly only on the LV forum but I was always curious about the Fendi baguettes...

    I'm sitting at home after an operation on my knee so I bought the dvd box from Sex and the city :P so that's how I showed up here...

    Anyway are there a lot of you still rocking your baguettes? Pics maybe? And what is the price range for the bag because I have absolutely no idea of Fendi prices?

    thanks in advance :smile:
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    Hell yeah I am still rocking my Fendi baguettes! The baguettes are iconic designer bags that have become collectible. A coffee table book entirely devoted to Fendi baguettes came out recently. Here's some more info. on the book, which I personally want to buy myself.
    "To celebrate 15 years of Fendi’s “Baguette” bag, made famous by the likes of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City‘s heyday, Rizzoli has just published a book in its honor. The coffee table book, compiled by Silvia Venturini Fendi, illustrates the story behind (including the making of and cultural mark left by) this incredibly impactful little bag, which now comes in more than 700 versions. Arguably the first “It” bag, the Baguette is a timeless, yet bold statement piece. French retailer Colette also jumped on board, and is now selling 37 of the vintage bags. The bags range from $800 to $29,000, so you might be better off with the $75 book."

    There are baguettes that are not as expensive, but since the baguettes are vintage bags, aside from being high end designer bags, they are definitely not cheap.

    Hope I was of some help.

    I was addicted to Louis Vuitton Murakami bags, not so much out of love for Louis Vuitton, but rather for Takashi Murakami, the Japanese artist.
  3. thanks for all of the info!! I'd like to see the book also, hopefully I can find one in my country;
  4. The pics should show up in this one. i also have the book. I still have to sit down and drool over the fantastic designs!

    My most recent purchases are, in my opinion, collectable :
    a Fendi lizard embroidered baguette and a Fendi satin beaded baguette. I hope these picture do them justice: (as well as showing up')

  5. sorry about that.... last time

  6. ok these should show up and if not I promise to not try again.....
    image-4185380438.jpg image-1426137212.jpg