bagtrends spring preview

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  1. And is that a Tangerine Nikki at the bottom???

    On the BagTrends homepage, there is also a pic of the cranberry (?) studded devote.

    Oh my do I need to save up!!
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    That mini mini is too cute!
  3. thanks for posting!!~

  4. Do we know if the mini mini is about the size of the LV Speedy 25?
    I also think the Adieu (is that the name of the clutch that has the non-centered clasp) is really sweet too :girlsigh: thanks for posting

    MUST GET A MINI MINI!!! (and then i guess a MAB should be next on my list, my MAM and future MAMM are gona need a big sister...:graucho:)
  6. I like the mixed hardware....and that lavendar(?) Nikki!
  7. OH, and how cute is Rebecca, I love her casual, laidback look
  8. Me thinks that might be Grape, but :drool:
  9. Very Cute Stuff. I'm not into Itsy bitsy bags but the colors are awesome. Love the Ostrich Trim on those MAMs. Gotta get a Mini Mini for my Niece. Too cute.
  10. Thanks for posting! I love all them! I love the ostrich MAC
  11. I'm loving the Ostrich bags! And the mini mini is adorable. And the Tangerine Nikki. I guess I need to start saving money...
  12. WOW that ostrich MAC is TDF!! And i love the bella wallet too!!

  13. How cute is that pink/purple trim MAC in the back :nuts:

  14. Rebecca is too cute as always! I definitely want a mini mini for myself :yes:

    Where are you guys seeing the cranberry devote?