Bagtinolles Regular

  1. Just wondering how many of you own the regular size of the three available ones for BH? (it's the shortest size)

    Any opinions?

    I've been eyeing this bag for about a year, but have bought others, and I keep thinking that I really should get it if I like it so much. I like that's it's handheld and structured somewhat. what else are pros/cons? thx
  2. i have it! i just got it 3 weeks's a pretty structured bag..the leather is still stiff, but with any monogram bags...the leather will soften over time.. it's a small sized bag but its enough for my needs!
    the only "con" i found is with the open-top...which does make it easier to get in and out of! i don't think it would look as good with a zipper!
  3. I have one too, and mine is a couple of years old and it's not too structured since both the vachetta and canvas have soften up over time.

    Yes, a con is the open top...stuff gets a little wet when it rains/snows but it's a different style I guess. Another con...the handle may wrinkle (have ripples) over time with use but that happens to many bags with a flat handheld strap!'s a very roomy bag without being too large, the shape is very nice and classy, the buckles can be adjusted to make the bag slightly tighter/roomier!
  4. The regular Batignolles is my favorite of the 3!! I think it's cute and holds just enough!
  5. ^^ i agree! i'm not a fan of the other batignolles members!
  6. I have the regular and adore it. I agree with everything that Karman said about the slight negatives, too.
  7. Right now it's my favorite bag, the exact correct size- I love mine.
  8. I got mine back in December and its one of my favorite bags! Its the perfect size for me to use everyday. I actually like the open top, but I wish they would at least put a clip as closure like on the BH and BV.
  9. the batignolles is the perfect size for my height (5'1") and i love it. i just feel cautious that it's so open...
  10. do the handles soften up/age well?
  11. ^^ yes, and slight creasing will occur..
  12. I love the regular Batignolles, but when I went to HK last year, I swear I saw some ladies using it as a shoulder bag.. it this possible, or could it be that they had one of the larger BV's?? But the bag size looked just like Karman's!

  13. Well, knowing how unhealthily skinny some girls are in Hong Kong, it's probably possible! I mean, I could fit mine on my shoulder, it's just super uncomfortable and bulky!

  14. lol, yeh, they're pretty scary looking. :sweatdrop:

    Did I ever tell you guys that the first time I went to HK (three years ago), I got off the plane and I instantly felt FAT!
  15. i have the bh and the regular. i find the regular much "cuter" and since others might find it a "con" i find the open top a "pro" as i can get my stuff in a jiffy