bagtignolles or cabas piano poll?

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batignolles or cabas piano

  1. batignolles

  2. cabas piano

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  1. the search feature is not working for me. anyone else having this problem?

    I was looking to see if there was a poll about the preference between these 2 bags. I'm trying to decide which one to get and would like to hear some opinions.
  2. i like the cabas.
  3. i love the cabas.
  4. I voted batignolles, assuming that it's the horizontal.

    I love the cabas, but that bottom vachetta makes it kind of a delicate bag. The horizontal bat. is a great bag, with a canvas bottom--it's also less expensive than the cabas!
  5. Sorry, it is the horizontal and I thought it was more expensive than the cabas?
  6. i do agree the vachetta is very delicat.
  7. Cabas
  8. Cabas..I want it for my next bag when my poor puppie's vet bills stop growing:sad2:
  9. how is your pup doing by the way?
  10. Go go batignolles !
  11. Cabas piano :love: I love that bag!
  12. Cabas.. but the vachetta bottom was holding me back.. so I got a Vavin GM instead.. You should chk out some of the other options!
  13. yeah the bottom of the piano is whats really holding me back as well - thats why I'm only looking at the pre-owned ones.
  14. I put these pics up before. Seems like many ladies here are deliberating the same thing. It's usually BH, Cabas Piano and/or Mezzo. I figure I'd save myself the trouble and got all three after selling several of my other bags. :shame: Mezzo is too big for me for everyday use. I use BH the most since I carry around notebooks/books (which doesn't fit in Piano). BH is a more flexible size I think. One of the shoulder straps of the Piano fall easily for some reason for me. BH's strap also falls time to time, but less frequently.

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  15. Cabas, girl!