Bagshop coupon codes, anyone?

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  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone have any current coupon codes?
    Thanks so much!
  2. You know, I don't think bagshop ever has coupon codes. But they do (or at list did, it's been awhile since i ordered) offer a 10% discount to repeat customers.
  3. I am a first time customer. Any discount for first time shoppers?
  4. OK, I just called the website and asked the CS rep if they would honor a 10% discount for a first time buyer, which she said "oh, absolutely!". So my Rafe Wooster Kate hobo in Charcoal which was already a discounted $435 on the website came to a whopping $391.50 total with free shipping/no tax!
  5. Congratulations!! That's great to know!! That contradicts what I was told by Phyllis in September when I wrote to inquire about price matching Revolve's new customer discount. She said they were not able to because many of their brands were price protected. I wonder which bag brands are price protected.

  6. Well, I guess Rafe is NOT price protected, which is super for me!

    I just figured it was worth a shot to call in person and ask about the additional 10% off, and it worked!