(located in new york)

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  1. hello girls. i am new to the site. i was wondering if any of you have ever been to bagshop or have ordered from their site? i have an isabella fiore quilty pleasures on pre-order w/ them and i am suppose to get it at the end of oct/1st part of nov. i'm still kind of skeptical about getting the bag b/c i have never heard of this store and i don't want to be stuck w/ a FAKE bag. someone please help if you have any info. thanks
  2. I've personally never heard of that shop. For online purchases, I usually go to which is also known as luxuryvintage and the other site I like is, I know that both of those sell authentic items. eluxury is new items and on efashionhouse you can find good deals on preowned designer items.
  3. I cant say that i have . How did u hear about them??
  4. is Petticoat Lane and Phyllis' Leather Shop in Chappaqua, NY. (They have several other locations, too). They are the REAL DEAL! I got my Audra bag (aka Katie Holmes) there and was happy with the bag and their service. Did you not have to call them to order the Fiore? Consider yourself in good company, locals such as Senator Hillary and Vanessa Williams shop there.

    If you are skepitical about a site, you can always check them out (prior to ordering) with the Better Business Bureau online

    In you have any more questions feel free to PM me.
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