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  1. Is a legit site? I've never heard of it.:confused1: Thanks!
  2. Yes. It's a good site!
  3. Absolutely and wonderful customer service!
  4. I ordered from them last year and they're super nice!!
  5. is a safe site to buy from? are they selling authentic items?

    thanks!!! :yes: :heart:
  6. Yes, they have authentic bags. I bought a Gerard Darel and a Rafe bag from them. Nice sales associates.
  7. yes..they are authentic. i bought my bulga bag from them and they had excellent service. my only complain is that i didnt get a dustbag.
  8. I heard they're def. legit as well. But I wonder why Knics33 didn't get a dustbag. I have 2 bulga bags (one from NM and one from JcMadison) and both came w/ dustbags.
  9. yes
  10. They're nice, but check prices on other websites first. They seem to mark their bags up higher, and I don't think they offer any discounts either.
  11. I noticed that as well. On some Ananas bags, they offer 20% off but the original prices are inflated.
  12. does sell authentic bags, they are the website for the Petticoat Lane stores which are in Chappaqua, NY, Greenwich, CT, and Tribeca, NY.
  13. Yes, they are legit, and customer service is very nice. I bought a Luba J bag from them. The main complaint I had was that they did not package my bag very well. It appeared to have be shipped in a recycled box that had seen one too many trips. The box was terribly mangled. Of course, part of the blame may be with the shipping service, but the box had definitely been re-used (multiple covered over address labels, layers of different types of packaging tape). Thankfully, the bag itself was okay. My secondary complaint is that the bag smelled like dirty socks, but the smell eventually went away with a lot of airing out on my balcony.
  14. haha dirty socks thats pretty bad! :smile:
  15. I have to revise my recommendation above. I had put the bag away after I thought the smell was gone. This thread prompted me to take it out again. The smell is still there! I called Bagshop to discuss returning it. They were sweet as pie when I was buying it, but now they are being difficult. They want me to first spray Febreeze on it, and if it still smells, they will exchange it for me. I don't want an exchange; I want to return it. They have a 20-day return policy. I asked when the clock starts ticking, and they claim it's from when they shipped it, not from when I received it. Since I can't get to the UPS store until the weekend, that would put me past the 20 days. All the while that I was trying to discuss my issue, the person on the phone was having another conversation with her associate. Then, she said she was too busy and that I should call back in half an hour. I'll just chalk it up to a $300 lesson. I can no longer recommend buying from bagshop, and I will never buy from them again. :cursing: