BagShoeLover's Obsessions

  1. Well, I finally figured out how to resize my photos. Hope this comes out okay. These are my little secrets.
    Bally.jpg Burberry.jpg Coach2.jpg Armani.jpg Chanel.jpg Christian dior.jpg Closet.jpg Coach.jpg Coach3.jpg Coach4.jpg
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Pretty collection!
  4. Great collection! Beautiful bags and you're soooo organized! Thanks for the pictures!
  5. Great collection BagShoeLover! :biggrin: That Chanel's a beauty! :love:
  6. gorgeous collection! Im amazed!
  7. the chanel is TDF!
  8. Gorgeous chanel bag! great collection!
  9. Great collection, I love the red Christian Dior! Thanks for sharing!:biggrin:
  10. I have not seen any bally bags on this forum til now. Your bally and coach collection are so so cute. Btw,where is the knightbridge you just bought?
  11. Love the Chanel flap bag, and you're so organized !
  12. Love them all! Your closet is so neatly organized! What are those bags in the first picture? I've never seen those before, they're very pretty.
  13. Nice collection. I love your Lady Dior, it is so pretty.
  14. the chanel is gorgeous, and theres some very pretty coach bags there too!
  15. love your collection! you've got so many different pieces!
    i'm totally drooling over your chanel! its so yum!