Bags You Thought Would Be Classics?

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  1. Discussions whether certain bags will stand the test of time always interest me, but no one can for sure tell whether they're right until years down the line.

    What bags did you think would be definite classics, but in reality (and sadly) weren't up to the job?

    I would be really interested in everyone's thoughts and apologies if this has already been discussed, I couldn't find a thread by searching the topic!
  2. Mulberry bayswater.
    Which I still believe IS classic.
    But which new mulb design guy decided to "evolve."
    Into a bag with jug ears.

    Guess time will tell which version lasts. ;)
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  3. The obvious ones:

    Hermes Birkin & Kelly
    Louis Vuitton Noe Bucket
    Celine Phantom & Luggage
    Balenciaga Motorcycle

    In recent years, brands like Loewe and Chloe have produced bags that have potential to be classics, but Chloe bags seem to be more of a hype in the street scene.

    I am a fan of the Loewe Puzzle and the new Hammock, but I think time will tell to see if they can be endearing classics.
  4. Even classics have their 'not so fashionable' moments.

    I never think about whether it will be a classic per sae, I try to work out if I'll still like it in years to come, even in the face of deep unfashionability and ridicule :P .

    It can work the other way too, so guys don't be too quick to sell any bag you think is past its 'sell by date'. I never thought I would be excited to carry my Gucci Valentine's Leather Heart Boston again, granted the shape is a classic but I could never see me carry it as a trophy again. My new GG-plus quirky loafers go perfectly go well and suddenly it all points to trash-glam revival
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  5. I never really think about it on in general, I just look for bags to be timeless [not dated] for me.
  6. Def the YSL Muse. It was a nice shape and very popular and I lusted after that bag like crazy. Thankfully I never bought one.
  7. +1 Most things eventually change or get discontinued. Stores have to give us reasons to keep buying the same thing. My classic bag is a simple style that I can seamlessly carry for a long time.
  8. I think that depends on the color/size. My true red oversize Muse is still going strong! Love pulling it out and wear it every once in a while ;). Well, at the price I got the bag for, I'm not worried if it does get outdated at some point, lol
  9. The Muse does surprise me. The shape and style is great, but it definitely is outdated.
  10. just my personal opinion, some bags that were discontinued had the potential to be classics but as they were no longer available, they just felt outdated.
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  11. The Stam. The purse world needed a bag with the very classic shape and size of the Stam when it came along, yet with Marc's edginess in the design. I for one thought it would last.
  12. It was actually seeing a picture of Paris Hilton carry her white Muse recently that got me thinking about the topic! It definitely made me feel very nostalgic for the 00s :smile:
  13. Agreed!

  14. My thoughts as well. Fashion always circles, I wouldn't be suprised seeing discontinued bags loved and remade again.
  15. I know what you mean but usually companies won't stop selling something that continues to be a) a good seller b) highly regarded
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