Bags you think you like until you see them IRL?

  1. I used to really like the look of the Epi Pont Neuf. I thought it would be an all-time classic for me untill I saw the size. It's so teeny " I was like "why would I drop £650 on that thing?!" :s Ahh well.

    I relly wanted a mandarin epi bag but the orange was tooo bright for my taste (it looks perfect in photos)

    has anyone else been turned off a bag after seeing it IRL?
  2. the soufflet(sp) the round ones. i reallly didnt like it at all..
  3. the MC pochette in white......
  4. navona..its too small and croissant...doesnt look good on me :shrugs:
  5. The Reade PM - I was all set to buy one and I saw it - teeny!!!
  6. The neverfull, I still look at it on elux, looks great in pix, not so IRL.
  7. The Papillon 30. I saw it in the store and saw just how wide it is. I don't want to squish it when I carry it on my shoulder.
  8. MC Priscilla and vernis Lexington. I was thinking of buying the Priscilla, but when I tried it on it looked toyish on me. The Lexington was far too small and stiff, even though it's classy-looking.
  9. Not sure about the Miroir Speedy, because last night I saw the miroir shoes and the material looked....dare I say it...CHEAP! So hopefully the bags don't look like that...