bags you think are not "in" anymore?

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  1. Hi there. Just curious to know everyone's opinions about which bags, style, or even brand you all think is "out"? Are Koobas considered "out" or do you think they're still "in"?
  2. I don't care if bags are In or Out. If I like them and they fit my needs then they are "In" with me. I live in a small city and the people have no idea what an "It" bag is so I have no one to impress. Anyway I never buy bags to impress others, just to make me happy.

    I think alot of the Kooba styles are "out" by now. If they aren't toted around by a celebrity anymore I guess they are Outtie's. But My Sienna will always be a mainstay bag for me, as will my Isabella Fiore Audra, which I also would think is Out.
  3. I agree with Lexie. I wonder myself if the YSL Muse is starting to be considered "out" or is it a classic????:confused1:
  4. I think with all the advertising/celeb hype/etc. the cycle on everything has gotten shorter and there's always a next "it" bag. But just because there's something newer doesn't mean a bag is out of style . . . I agree with the above poster, I have a Kooba camel Sienna which I will keep til it falls apart because I love it, even though it's no longer a hot bag, same with a couple of others. And, I think brands fall in and out of favor season to season, esp. as designers change. :smile:
  5. I am not really trendy so never buy anything in. Always buy things that are classic and last forever.
  6. I agree with the previous ladies, I only buy a bag that takes my breath away. I love any and all bags, but there are just certain ones that seem to make me stop in my tracks. Then I go on a quest to find the best deal on it. I think that is part of the whole shopping obsession for me, the "Hunt" to find the dream bag at a steal.:jammin:
  7. Ditto.
    I buy what I like, but certain bags/brands are putting me off.
    I would not look at Chloe Paddington, LV logo bags, Gucci logo bags, Gaucho or anything made by Burberry.
  8. I, too, am not very trendy and only tend to stick with classic styles. However, every once in a while I'll like a trendy bag with less style longevity, and if I love it I'll buy it anyway.
  9. I think Kooba has kept around styles that looked great with a certain trend such as cowboy or peasant chic long after those trends had died out and that's one of their failing points. However, I'm enjoying many of their current releases lately.
  10. Plus, if you are always after the elusive long lasting IT bag you'll never get the great deals that after season sales bring. Find the bag you love, and wait until it's OUT, and you'll get it at a steal! LOL
  11. "IT" bags definitions make me chuckle because the #1 reason they remain "IT" bags is because of 1) Celebrity status and 2) their hard-to-find status. The thing is, designers get celebrities to wear the model so a frenzy begins to own the bag. Then the designers make a surplus to meet the demand. This in itself makes the bag not "hard to find" anymore and thereofor it's "IT" status dies. So it's almost a game that is played over and over again. That is why there is an "IT" bag for ever season.

    I think it's important not to mistaken "IT" for being "Classic". Some "IT" bags remain classy because they are still hard to attain -- Because they are sooooo expensive! That's why the exotic material bags remain "it" and Hermes remains "it". Also models that tout logos will remain "it" because they reek of "money" (i.e. LV bags).

    So for example, the Muse may not be an "it" bag anymore but it's simple shape and form will remain a "classic". Maybe not a YSL "classic", but a purse shape that will always remain classic. A great example of this are LV bags. The logos are still "IT" but some models go out of style while the "classic" shaped models (Speedy) always remains "classic".

    So what makes a bag "classic" isn't so much the designer but the functionality of the bag and it's general shape and appeal.
  12. There are plenty of bags that were first launched three, five, seven years ago that I personally consider "out"--but that other tPFers still collect like crazy. They view them as "classic," but I don't.

    Still, I just think it's rude to belittle other members' bags publicly. I try to keep my mouth shut if I have nothing nice to say. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

    On the one hand, honesty is encouraged here, but so is courtesy. And no matter what major designer you like, you can usually find a group of members here on tPF who will rave about that line as still "in." It's all a matter of opinion.
  13. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that feels the same as all of you. I agree with all of the above. I've heard plenty of times that Koobas are "out" but the Sienna's functionality is what appeals to me. There's so may LV styles that aren't really a big hit anymore but would really love to collect. You're right, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I find that the more classic bags are what will stay forever. IMO of course.
  14. I agree 100%. The designers are so good at manipulating the market to create a frenzy, and I have fallen for it myself at times. I am just not wealthy enough to buy a bag that is only good for one or two seasons.
  15. i think that what's "in" to you is what's "in"...i remember when i RAN out to buy a balenciaga becuase it was so "in"...i ended up selling it on eBay...i didn't think the leather wore all that well on it, for kooba...i love my kooba bags and i think they wear great and look great..for the spring/summer, i got a natasha by kooba and i love it!...i also love my new bulga...i had never heard of bulga before but saw one in a store and fell in love with it, so i got it and i'm happy with it...i had a botkier bianca in black leather and i didn't think the leather on that one wore well,, i used to buy "it" bags, but now i buy bags that look great to me and that i'm going to enjoy!