Bags you regret NOT buying!!!

  1. I don't know if there is a thread that's been done on this before, but I'm curious to find out what bags people have decided against buying, only to be really and truly sorry later on!

    For me, it's the Botkier Skeleton in chocolate.
    Active Endeavours had it on sale in the summer and I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it because I had already bought four purses that month! But now you totally cannot buy them anywhere (except the odd one which pops up on ebay that never ships to Canada). Even worse, the bags that I bought instead of the Skeleton are still readily available online. I kick myself every day! :noggin:
    botkier skeleton.JPG
  2. LV cerises items I don't have yet... especially the shoes :drool: I managed to get the speedy, wallet, pochette cles, and now the bucket is on the way :wlae:
  3. LV Cerises (any of them) and the YSL white patent leather Muse.
  4. I wish I'd have bought that Ellen Tracy lambskin tote as soon as it went on sale at NM. It sold out in one day.
  5. Not necessarily a retail experience, but an LV Blois on ebay. It was sitting there waiting for me, and I had some reservations...and then it got snatched up!

    And I wish I had gotten some of the Coach leather messenger bags at the outlets during Memorial Day...they were marked down by so much! But when I came back, they were gone...
  6. Red Dior Detective bag for $500USD, on Ebay :sad:...this was when the Detective wasn't even a year old yet
  7. The LV Mizi Vienna :sad:
  8. A sky blue saddlebag from Morocco. It was a few years ago, it cost $25, my per-item ceiling, and I didn't buy it because I thought it was a lot to spend for a bag that would go with so few outfits.

    By the time I had changed my mind, and decided that it would too go with enough things if I decreed that it went with them, someone else had snapped it up!

    I still think about that bag!
  9. An authentic bleu nuit paddy satchel that went unsold on Ebay for £350...brand new.
    I missed the auction by 10 minutes and the seller never re-listed.:crybaby: :hysteric:
  10. a turq '04 city balenciaga, my friend want to sell hers. and i think too much, when i called her. she already got a buyer :crybaby:
  11. for me it was it will always be the Dior Paris 50's edition:crybaby:
  12. I had an opportunity to buy a beautiful TOD's bag from a friend of mine who thought it wasn't big enough. She had only carried it once or twice. Funny thing is, she decided to keep it and the last time I saw her at a party people were complimenting her all over the place. I thought....that could've been MINE.
  13. In Florence, Italy, a year ago, I saw a wonderful light blue woven purse, sort of bowler style, and passed on it. :crybaby:
  14. For me it was the cerises speedy, cerises long zip wallet and cerises cles. But it came true after all. I now have all 3!!
  15. A Kate Spade champagne evening clutch that I found at Off 5th for like $30 two years ago. I still kick myself for passing it up.