Bags you missed out on and wished you had

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  1. For me, if only I knew about the Valentine Heart Chains:crybaby:at the time, I really love the Fuschia and Pink.

    My second longed for bag is the vintage ligne square box bag in black.
  2. vinyl coco cabas :sad:
  3. A bright blue mini classic flap. It came out the year they had the ladybugs on everything. I check Ebay regularly for it. Maybe some day.
  4. Diamond Stitch !
  5. Valentine Heart Chain for sure; I am still lusting for one in pink or red, maybe fuschia or lilac! Although I think I was 14 or 15 when that bag came out, so I blame it on the terrible circumstances.
  6. grey reissue 227.
  7. rose gold reissue 226 :sad:
  8. vintage ligne square cabas in white

  9. post a pic of the elusive heart chain :biggrin: I've never seen it!

    Prob luxury bowling :sad:
  10. Original coco cabas and the heart chain flaps...:crybaby:
  11. heart chain in pink for sure. saw once on ebay but the seller sold it before it was ended. :sad:
  12. ROSE GOLD REISSUE 226 and
    DARK NAVY BLUE PATENT REISSUE in 227 :crybaby:
  13. Purple lambskin classic flap medium,
    Purple satin cabas
    Black metallic luxury bowler medium.... :crybaby:

    regretting........ pls help to ease the pain...
  14. Me too! I know it will soo good on me for summer!:crybaby:
  15. purple e/w caviar its now hard to find