bags you miss.....

  1. is there any bags that you miss....that you used to have and not anymore?! :crybaby:

    i used to have Cite MM and loved it, used it for a little while but i gave it to one of my employees as a thank you gift for working so hard. it sat in my closet for a while and i thought i'd never use it again..... it's been a few years since and i miss it!! :cry: of course she quit and left us while back and hardly comes around anymore --- i shouldn't regret...but awwww...i feel like a bad person thinking this way....:shrugs::ninja:
    i also miss my mini-looping, which i gave to my best friend....i was so sure that i was not gonna use it again.... and who'd thought i'd ever have a baby girl!:love: after 3yrs of treatment and just when we gave up, the baby arrived!!

    do u have any louie that 'you shouldn't have' let go?!
  2. This is why I can't sell or give away any of my bags, I even kept coach bags from High School that I'm sure I'll never use again.....if I were to consider giving something like that to a friend, I would probably just try to buy them something, I don't mean to be selfish, but I put so much into each of my bag purchases I get attached.....
  3. I deeply miss my mono Speedy my mum gave me when I started high school. I was foolish to give it away. :sad:
  4. There are two bags that I used to have that I do not have anymore and I regret not having them anymore. I really did love them and one bag I sold because my hubby kept making fun of me and saying it was ugly the other I sold to fund another bag which I ended up not liking!!!! I have learned my lesson!!!
  5. YES! the Glace Bobby and other Glace models! I want them back!!
  6. oh wait i read the thing wrong. no i dont sell my bags, i sell my accessories. i miss my cles though. haha. and my mono porte valeurs.. though this pocket agenda is doing justice in smaller form. hehe.
  7. i miss my BH....i sold it a month ago...thought i wasn't a mono girl.. now i miss it soo much, i'll get one again soon though...
  8. Not a bag.. but my MC mirror. I didn't even use it, but it was just so pretty. Ugh, I gotta stop thinking about it !
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