Bags you don't get

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  1. Not necessarily weird or funny-looking bags, but bags that you do not understand why they're very popular, or what was the target market in mind when they were designed, etc.

    I'll go first, and I'm aware I might be crucified:

    Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis.

    It's supposedly so popular and so expensive but all I see is a rectangle bag that kinda reminds me of a man's clutch.
  2. that's crazy. Like why r ppl upset because other ppl have different tastes? I LOOOOOOOOVE Gucci Stirrup bags, I've had ppl say they look stupid like tear drops lol...welp more for me hahaha.

    but to respond to OP, I don't get:

    1. the LV craze, like I see ppl who have LV mono or the squares [sorry don't know what they are called] and then they post family pics, and it pretty much looks all the same. just one big blur of mono, or brown or blue squares. I guess the same can be said for Gucci, Fendi, burberry, or other brands mono/signature looks, but I don't see ppl purchase large numbers of diff bags with same design on it in other brands, but LV loyalists seem to be notorious for doing it. I have ONE LV mono bag [ellipse...and it's old as dirt] that is PLENTY of LV mono for me. If I were to purchase another LV mono, it would have to be like the embossed leather, or something completely different.
    2. Gucci Soho. I am a Gucci LOVER and brand Loyalist, and this bag is cute enough I guess, but ppl can't seem to get enough of it, I'm like meh, glad ppl like/love it, as I love to see Gucci having increased sales etc., but it's not me.
    3. Gucci brown mono. I like the vintage blue mono they used to have, but not feeling the brown whatsoever.
    4. embellished bags [all brands], with all sorts of crap splattered on them, they look ridiculous. I blame the Fendi spy bag for starting this ridiculous trend.
    5. Michael Kors--whole brand. ppl love it, but most of their bags just look very cheaply made to me, nothing special, especially those saucer sized MK medallions that hang off of everything
    6. Chanel, all the bags have a very similar look, like gramma quilts. I wouldn't mind having a boy bag [just one] but i wish I MIGHT drop like 5 stacks on a gramma quilt bag
    7. Hermes. I LOVE Kelly and Birkin, but I feel as though their prices and methods are RIDICULOUS. you expect me to drop 20 stacks on a bag, that I have to wait for, and pretty much I get what I get [whatever becomes available] not necessarily exactly the color scheme I want but....close enough. If I am dropping 20 stacks on a bag, they better be asking me what color and material I want for my lining. and that Evelyne is HURRIBLE! like, for the ppl who want to be in the "H" club but can't afford a Birkin or Kelly. I'd rather stay out.
    8. I also don't get Goyard, Monyat, Bottega Vanetta. no real variety.

    there are probably more, but those are the things that immediately come to mind.
  3. No idea.
    But I've seen enough ridiculous forum drama here to walk away from poking the crazy with a stick.:pokey:
    Good luck.:flowers:

  4. :lol::lol::lol::lol: LOL thx
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    Animal print
    Bags with fur or hair
    Fendi Micro Peekaboo - what can fit in them? Or are they meant to be bag charms?

    For Bags I like that most don't get: the Givenchy Pandora.
  7. I actually love threads like this. It's cool to see how different we all are. I saw people say they didn't like or get the bags I have and it amused me greatly with no hard feelings.

    I think the Neverfull. It's not that I don't get it- it's a great bag and it looks roomy and convenient, but I don't "get it" enough to know why everyone in my city seems to have one. LV makes tons of great bags but you barely see them because everyone wants a Neverfull.

    Also the Lady Dior bag. It looks cute but it looks hard to pull off for some reason. It's shaped like a toy or something, I can't explain it.
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  8. Same feeling! I know a lot of people don't get the Pandora bag, and it's funny and amusing to see how it's described.

    I agree with the Lady Dior.
  9. Agree with everything here esp points 1 and 6 on LV and Chanel. Really cannot see for the life of me what's so nice about those bags.

    However while I can't understand why those bags are so popular, I can appreciate the sentiments behind collecting bags they love and the joy it brings to people. So in that we are all the same :flowers:
  10. Why do people do anything goofy? Emotional immaturity? Not enough hugs as a kid? Lol!
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  11. I agree with the Neverfull. I understand why it is popular (easy to carry, roomy, functional), but there is an over-saturation, and for that reason alone I wish it would go away or not be as saturated. I don't own one, but I do own a lot of LV, including the Speedy, which is also everywhere, but my excuse for that is that it is "classic", so it has more history.

    I also have never gotten the Lady Dior thing. I don't see the appeal or the "beauty" of it. I like other Dior bags, but not this one.

    And back to LV - you don't see these out and about as much, but I NEVER, EVER got why the multicolore monogram print was so popular and coveted. To me, it is fugly, and I love the regular monograms and the DE print. Again, to each there own, nothing personal :smile:
  12. No sense of adventure [emoji14]
    Sadly, I rarely find a bag I don’t “get”.
    I can usually find something to like about any bag.
  13. I just don't like the new balenciaga bags. Like wtf is Demna doing??? The rtw is okay though. That's about it for me. But the classic balenciagas will always have a special place in my heart [emoji7]
  14. I don't get bags with the short handles that are meant to be handheld and have no crossbody/shoulder strap option. They are often beautiful but how am I meant to get anything done if I have to hold it all the time?? Especially bags that have so much weight to them that you can't carry them in the crook of your arm longer than 10 minutes. Beautiful, but whhyyyyyyyy??

    Also I have a weird thing against bags where the handles don't fold down.
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