Bags You Could Name A Baby After?

  1. No, I am not pregnant.

    I ran a Y! search for "Morgan Oakley" + "baby ditch" + purple

    I got a bunch of celebrity baby rumor sites, and one blog where someone actually suggested Jessica Alba name her baby Morgan Oakley Alba. Funny, to me that actually sounded like a cute name.

    That got me thinking, are there bags (brands or styles) that someone (some idiot) could actually name a child after?

    Using the last name Smith, these are my names:

    Morgan Oakley Smith (cheating, I know)
    Chloe Paddington Smith
    Chloe Edith Smith (this one actually works for me a little)
    Louis Vuitton Smith
    Mulberry Bayswater Smith

    Any others?
  2. I don't think I would ever name a kid after a bag. I know a girl whose name is Mercedes and everytime somebody calls her or says her name, I see the car. Plus imagine what it would do to the kid when they find out they are named after a purse. They might not be the same bag addcits that we are and feel really crappy about it.
  3. Chloe Saskia Smith
  4. Mulberry Mabel Smith
    Alexander McQueen Patent Hobo-Smith (too posh?)
    Botkier Sasha Smith
  5. I didn't mean seriously, its a joke. I thought it was funny because so many bags are womens names.
  6. ^^^ If I have a gay son one day maybe Ill but Patent in his name. Haha.
  7. I wouldn't name a child after a bag either, but I think Hayden Harnett would work with a bunch of names (especially if you wanted to be like my parents and give your child a zillion names :p)...

    Hayden Harnett Mercer Smith
    Hayden Harnett Delancey Smith
    Hayden Harnett Beatrice Smith
    Hayden Harnett Hudson Smith
    Hayden Harnett Palenberg Smith
    Hayden Harnett Barnard Smith
  8. Um, Mercedes is a very popular Latin American name. And it is pretty IMO.
    The car brand was named after a race drivers daughter.
    So there...

    Obviously this was just a bit of silliness...but it made me laugh.
  9. I met a guy named "Satchel" once.
  10. Satchel rocks! I love that name. Probably had parents who were big jazz fans.
  11. Ill let everyone know I was a band nerd in high school with this one -

    In HS we had All State Orchestra once a year and you got to meet kids from other schools across the state for 4 days of rehearsal and a concert. There was this kid who played the French Horn who was a total d-bag. His name was Tate Baggins, so we called him Tote Bag. Hahaha, we thought that was the funniest thing in the entire world.
  12. ...thats not even funny to joke about... you should watch what you say...
  13. ^^^ What are you talking about? I think maybe you are taking this all a little too seriously.
  14. Oh come on now...
    Peace and love and all the other cr*p.
    I could only see a very sensitive person being offended by something like that. I don't think she meant it in a nasty way at all.

    Look, it is very late for me on a Saturday night and I am on (no offense)!
    I should be getting busy with my fella instead of trying to make nice, nice over an innocent remark!

    Goodnight everyone!! ;)
  15. I dont know about baby names but there are a lot of minature dogs named Chloe!