Bags you brought despite what others think

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  1. I have a patchwork quilt flap, my two sisters do not like it but I love it! Its my chilled out summer girly bag.:heart:
  2. Hmmm.. I'm planning of buying the incoming Gold Reissue this coming Fall.. Inspite of the comments that the color is too Foily.. I think it's beautiful! :biggrin:
  3. i know the mademoiselle is not to everyone's taste, but i still bought my flap anyways, i liked it too much :yes:
  4. Vinyl Cabas.... Many think it looks like a trash bag.
  5. I bought the original Cabas in black when all my friends/family said that it looked old/used because of the distressed leather and that the bag was way too big. Now they've all changed their minds! :graucho:
  6. brown outdoor ligne hobo..well, actually i bought it prior to discovering this board. most ppl don't like how the leather shows every scratch and imperfections. but that's what i love about it, i like this rugged, casual look to this leather/bag.
  7. Gucci Racy, a lot of my friends thought it was too trendy for my style but it was love to me.
  8. Everytime I buy another classic flap, my friend says "Ugh! Why do you like those old lady bags?"
  9. Green perfo e/w... I love the color, and while I'm not in love with the perfo line in general (I would only ever buy this one), I think the pop of color and texture make it a fun and sporty laid-back, summer bag. :smile:
  10. All my Chanel bags! I cannot believe that people are ignorant enough to say that my bags are matronly and ugly! I wear them with pride!!!
  11. Madison...white...lambskin!lol!:wlae:
  12. my flap bags, my friend would say "huh, another flap, aren't they all the same?"
  13. Same here. Many people told me that it would be too trendy, but I just love the color!
  14. my NAKED tOTE! i so adore her...she is damage proof..........can be knocked around, carries a ton, looks very very chic and not cheap, and very few liked her, her feelings were hurt until mommy told her she was unique and adorablel! LOL she is made of PVC not plastic (although looks just like plastic) and i never worry about hurting her
    i dont worry about her in the frequent rain here..............and i line her with the black dustbag she came with so her contents arent totally revealed ...
  15. My mid size Paris Biarritz tote.

    Everyone (here on this forum) says it is too expensive for coated canvas... and they're right! I splurged because I wanted a work/carry-all/weekend/overnight travel bag.

    I still like it, for what I use it for. I'm looking at it now, sitting on the floor, unpacked from last week. It really is a nice looking bag.