Bags you bring to work...

  1. Would you girls bring a hobo bag to work? My work is business casual (occasional suits if we see clients) most of the time, do you think I can wear my hobos with that kind of outfit? I mostly wear sweater sets and button-down shirts with wool pants and heels or loafers. Thanks for the fashion advice. I recently bought a few hobos on sale and want to maximize my use of them! Still, I wouldn't want to be the worst-dressed at work :P
  2. Nothing wrong with bringing hobos. I do it all the time.
  3. Yep, I just found them to be so comfortable recently especially with the weather. I usually carry totes (pretty structured and square) so this would be a departure! Thanks for your input!
  4. I bring in whatever I want to. Speedy to hobos to weird bags that lays on it's side cause it can't stand up on it's own.
  5. In a business casual environment, anything that looks neat and pulled together should be fine (so long as it flys with the culture at your office).
  6. ^^ agreed
  7. Hobos are fine. I've a friend, working in bank industry, who carried her hobo bag to work.
  8. I don't know why it would matter. Most of us come in with our bag, set them down and pick them up when we are leaving the building. I don't know any job where a woman carries her bag all day long during her workday. :shrugs:
  9. I tend to bring my LV Cabas Mezzo with me just because I can jam pack it with stuff.

    I dont see there being anything wrong with wearing a hobo to work.
  10. Nothing wrong w/ hobos at all for the workplace!
  11. agreed! As long as your bag works with your outfit I don't think it would be inappropriate at all.
  12. I have to sometimes! I'm a doctor and sometimes I end up doing a bunch of consultations to different hospital units, and they're sometimes not mobile. I'll see them wherever they are, and I need to carry all my folders, PDA, referral sheets, etc... with me in my bag! For me a hobo would be too casual, and I tend to like the shape of totes better. But if you're business casual, should be okay!
  13. Hobos are fine....when you think about it, many bags are hobos or satchels. It's almost impossible to find the traditional shoulder bag type, I see women with hoboes all over. For business casual, I don't think it is as important, anyway.
  14. My Gucci hobo is one of my favorite bags to carry and I bring it to work and clients all the time! I am VP of a Healthcare Consulting Firm so do a lot of travel and speaking engagements around the country. Many times the bag I wear depends on my outfits for the trip, as I try to focus on one color (usually black or chocolate, sometimes navy or gray) for my main pieces that I can mix and match to minimize luggage.