Bags with yummy leather?


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Jan 14, 2006
I am looking at making 2 purchases for spring/summer bags, and would really like some soft leather, that is still strong. I am trying to hunt down one of the Gerard Darel Drape bags. So, for the other, I am thinking Tod's, Celine, or BV. Does anyone else have a suggestion for a bag in a not-to-miss leather?

I heard that Balenciaga was very nice, but will tear. Is this true? Shopping is severly limited where I live, so I do shop over the internet. This is convenient, but I do miss out on being able to feel the bag for myself.

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Feb 17, 2006
I am a sucker for a good "feel" to a leather bag!

Some I have bought recently, including a Chloe paddington in Blue, are quite good - but hands down I would have to say the all leather versions made by Bottega Veneta (I own two) are the butteriest and most durable leather I've seen.

I have an original "Le Dix" Balenciaga bag, and have actually used it a lot (taking it motorcycling, stuffing it in a side saddle bag) and the leather itself wears very well but the tassles are quite delicate. They supply extra leather tassles for the zipper pulls when you buy the bag though, as they likely anticipate these will tear over time.

Hope that helps!:amuse:


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Feb 4, 2006
Yummy Leather

1. Hardyn Harnett
2. BV Woven Hobo (Oddly not all BV feel the same)
3. Kooba Renee
4. Chloe Edith
5. Balenciaga bags
6. Chloe Paddington
7. Fendi Spy (the original, not the leather on the small hobos which feel very touch)

After 7, they all start being similar. Hardyn Harnett is relatively cheap for what you get, but their leather is buttery and velvety at the same time. It feels literally like 1000 count soft cotton sheets. I don't know about Gerard Darel since I don't have one.

I did feel a scrumptious Ferragamo today though.... I think it might be my next must-have purse.


Feb 4, 2006
My Hogan bags have really nice leather, both the pebbled and the smooth. The smooth is very soft and pliable, and has held up beautifully. Hogan doesn't seem to be big with the people on this discussion board, though.


Dec 13, 2005
I have two BV bags and three Balenciagas. Both have fabulous leather. They are totally different in design though. Balenciagas to me are everyday fun colorful bags that you'll never get tired of. Bottega Veneta bags are timeless essentials. Everybody should own at least one .... lol. Check out both lines.