bags with water bottle holder pockets

hello, for health reasons, i like to have a water bottle with me, so I look for bags that that have a water bottle holder pocket. I must say it's tricky to find one. yes, i can find backpacks and bags for college students, one or selections in the travel/luggage stores, diaper bags. I was recently directed to a 20 dollar bag from the harriet carter catalog.. ., but I was really looking for something, huh..nicer. I have been in the dept stores for years and they never really have anything. I like bottles of 12 or more onces, so the pocket has to be fairly deep. I have seen a few bags with side pockets, but they are usually too small or so short the bottle would stick out like a embarrassing relative. perhaps women with nice bags dont get thirsty or water always available to them, I would not know, but if anyone knows of any bags that have side or inner pockets that could hold a water bottle, please let me know, I would be very appreciative. thanks
Speaking as a mama who carries around a hefty 0.5L Camelback water bottle for her kids... here are my finds:

The Rafe Kate bags - I'm not a big fan of this year's Wooster leather, but last year's goatskin and linen Lexington styles were great! Not obvious in many pictures, but the end pockets are nice and deep.

Someone mentioned Not Rational - AWESOME! The Fab/Hansel/Diaper Bag are the same bag but with/without changing pad and messenger strap. It has four big outer pockets and is super squashy and just an awesome bag.

I also LOVE my Not Rational Sofia bag. The outer pocket could fit TWO large water bottles no problem.

I had a Kooba Sienna that fit the 0.5 L bottle in the end pockets but it took some wiggling.

Someone already suggested the Marc Jacob dipe bag. A couple of other MJ bags in the Turnlock style are also great. The Terri tote and the other bigger tote have great outer bottle pockets.

Oh yeah - and there was a Linea Pelle large Dylan tote in gorgeously squashy leather that I regret returning.... You wouldn't think it, but my large water bottle fit in one of the outer zipper pockets.

Some Hayden Harnet bags that fit bottle in outer pockets: Nico (everything fits in those outer pockets!), Thalia (maybe not a large bottle but definitely a sippy cup), Montauk canvas hobo.

And I don't know if you've heard of Maya Moon, but she custom makes gorgeous bags that could totally hold an outer water bottle.

There's also the realm of designer diaper bags... check out Mia Bossi. I've had the Reese and an Alisa and they totally could be regular bags.

Whew - that's all I can think of for now...
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I just wanted to add one that I forgot earlier: I've heard (and seen pics) that the Junior Drake Megan has awesome pockets for big bottles and sippys.