Bags with same shape as LV Speedy?

  1. Has anyone come across any I came across The Perm handbag but I am not completly in love with it any other suggestions?
  2. Balenciaga Twiggy $1095
  3. Dior and Fendi has the same shape of bag and also the lock&keys
  4. I can't remember the name, but Marc Jacobs has a bag shaped like a speedy, in that blue fabric with his name all over it.
  5. Thanks ! I should have mentioned that I don't want something that is a lot of money. I really like the French company one!
  6. I know I used to have 2 versace bags that were that has a speedy shape. They were called snap out of it bags.
  7. I really like the all black one. Which Speedy size would they be comparable to?
  8. Gucci Boston bag
  9. LAMB, Dior and Gucci has similar LV speedy shaped handbag...
  10. yea the MBMJ "fast bag" or "mini fast" bag. check out for them.
  11. I have seen a Fendi in the same shape....and a Burberry.
  12. The name for the Dior one is their Boston Bag.