Bags with real buckle vs. bags with faux buckles

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  1. I have a gorgeous bag that can only be closed be fastening the buckle. I have to admit, I kinda hate it! It is such a pain to open and close it!

    I have other bags that have "buckles" but rather than using the buckles to close, there are magnets affixed on the backs, so they snap much better.

    Does this drive anyone else nuts?
  2. Oh yes, I only like the fake buckles - real buckles are totally impractical most of the time unless it's to adjust the size of something or the length of a strap, etc.
  3. I need to get in and out of my bags quickly because I am always on the go. I prefer snaps or zippers for closures.
  4. i don't buy them because i know i can't handle it ... but they sure are pretty sigh
  5. I won't purchase a bag with real buckles, only the faux, snap kind. I know that one option is to leave the buckles undone, but that would drive me bonkers! :P
  6. Agree, I've never even bought a bag with a real buckle. Trying to open and close them in the store was annoying enough, so I knew I could never stand to own it. They are cute though :sad:
  7. that would annoy me too! all of mine have fake buckles, and i never really gave it much thought.
  8. I only have fake buckles as well. I live in a city so I'm always in and out of my bag and need to do so with one hand. Even my hobo style bags annoy me because they need to be held straight for the zipper to open, so I definitely couldn't handle real buckles.
  9. I just bought a bag with real buckles and it's driving me crazy too. But then again, the bag is so pretty, I do not regret my purchase