Bags with many compartments: How do you organize stuff in them?

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  1. I recently got a bag that is in the double zip satchel category and I'm at a loss as to how my things are supposed to be organized inside. With so many lovely compartments, it feels sort of redundant to put pouches inside (vs a one compartment tote like le pliage or something). but i feel out of sorts just dumping my stuff in, which is what i have been doing and to be honest, it's working. so how do you all organize your stuff in bags with many compartments?
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    I love open, single-compartment totes but can't seem to live with them; I hate it when things get messy and I have rummage through the depths to find something. One of my new favorite bags is a Mulberry Bayswater-ishly shaped shoulder bag with two compartments plus a divider with a zipper. I usually put my wallet in the divider compartment (to keep it safer, a lot of professional thieves at work in this town), then sort my stuff into the other 2; one side will have my makeup bag, sunnies, umbrella, gloves, the other will hold my agenda, water bottle, documents and so on. I try to keep one side for professional and the other for my own use, so to speak.