Bags with GH pricing?

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  1. Forgive me if this has been covered before, but does anybody have the pricing on the new 07 bags with GH? They are starting to grow on me! :girlsigh: Interested in price on the city in particular. Think I may need a black city w/GH. :smile:
  2. I believe the city with GH is $ was at Bob Ellis and BalNY
  3. Great, thanks! Can you believe I had an eBay seller contact me and offer to sell me an 07 black city with gh for the bargain price of $2000! :confused1: Yea, that sounds like a great deal!
  4. They're $1595 in AR, colors currently available are: nero, truffe, marine, bleu de france. Mmmm....mmmm....mmmm...
  5. Thanks Monsoon! tempted, tempted.....
  6. Yep, $1595 at aloha rag also.
  7. Also $1595 from NM.
  8. Sorry i'm a new..i'm thinking about getting a black city with giant gold hardware..but was curious why the prices are so different? Does the fact that its not the regular hardware cause the price difference? Also i know that depending on color the price could be higher.. but is black one of those colors? I looked at the reference guide for prices but it said the black city was around 1200 which is not what i'm finding.. please help. Thanks so much!!!