Bags with cracked leather?

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  1. Hi guys! I've been keeping an eye out for a secondhand Kelly or Birkin lately, and I've noticed with some of the vintage ones up for sale the existence of the cracked leather devalues them quite a bit - I think there was a 32cm Kelly for less than $2000 cos of a bit of cracked leather on the top. I'm really quite new to the world of luxury bags, so could anyone tell me if it would be possible to restore those bags professionally, and how much it would cost - basically if it would be worth buying them cheaper and paying to restore them. Sorry if this is a ssilly question and thanks so much! :smile:
  2. I would advise that you stay away from cracked leather.
    DocRide is our resident leather expert. She's highly knowledgeable and very generous. You should check with her for an expert opinion.
  3. Agreed, cracked leather is a no-no (unless you like a rougher look), I don't think it can be repaired very well, if at all.
  4. Makes sense that they're so cheap then. Thanks for your advice guys, i'll stay away from those bags :smile:
  5. Still a lot of money even so. Worth waiting for a bag you'll be 100% thrilled with :smile:
  6. Very true - guess buying a Hermes bag from a boutique will go on my long-term goals list then :biggrin:D
  7. It's difficult. Not for beginners. You have to love the bag enough to make this decision.
  8. Box leather can be well refurbished but difficult to say the cost because depends on the work. Can start from euro 300 to 800/1200 if you want to change hardware and handles. Probably better to spend a bit more for a bag in better condition....
  9. I have vintage Box bags with cracked leather, but very, very small multiple cracks from dryness which are not going to made the straps or handles break, or affect integrity of the bag. I love them, I think it has lots of character and the prices were good. Otherwise restoring almost broken leather will be costly and time consuming. Perhaps not a bargain.