Bags with clouchettes, carrying them without.

  1. So I really don't like the look of the clouchette on my pink CB pap. Do you think if I carried it without people would think it was fake?

    Do you think it would look better with or without?


  2. Well, I like them on certain bags (like speedies) but not that one! LOL I agree and would remove it!
  3. i carry my Cherry Blossom Papillon without the clochette too. it's a little too long and it looks weird hanging off the bag. some bags can pull it off, like my Duomo, but not the Papillon :blah:
  4. I always carry them without.
  5. I agree I always think my CB pap looks a little strange with it & I don't like the way it flaps about when walking
  6. Thanks everyone! Off it comes! :smile:
  7. I don't like clochette on Papi or Le Talentueux
  8. i don't carry mine with my MC speedy, just something extra to worry about getting dirty!

    I don't think you should carry it with the Cherry Papillon, doesn't look good. Gorgeous purse by the way!
  9. I vote for taking it off as well!
  10. I never thought to carry the bag with the clochette on (no pap for me, but I have Le Tal)! I always leave mine in the dustbag.
  11. What is the purpose of the clochette?
  12. I actually like the look of Papillon with the clochette. I think the clochettes is used for holding keys.
  13. Yes, it is used to hold the keys to the little brass lock.
  14. i don't use the clochette with my CB pap...i think it looks weird, but i agree with sandra, it will look good with the duomo...
  15. The clochette looks too long for a Pap - would look better on a taller bag...