Bags with chains....

  1. I think we can all agree that Chanel as cornered the market with gorgeous chain bags.

    I've been researching other brands and this chain look keeps on popping up. What do you think? Do the chains get annoying? Are they heavy?

    Here's an example:
  2. I love the look, but it can get heavy. I have 3 Marc Jacobs Stam bags. I love them, but I have been wearing them without the chain lately. I like that it is convertible. If you are going to buy a bag with a chain, try to find one you can wear with or without. I guess it also depends on how thick and/or heavy the chain is. On the MJ bags, it is very thick and heavy. Some of the chain bags I have seen are much more delicate. Those would not be as difficult to wear.
  3. I like the look, but it does add weight to the bag. Other than my Chanel flap, I have one other bag with a chain - it's a Prada nylon quilted bag with chain strap (I don't know the actual style name). The strap is leather at the top, so it's comfy on the shoulder, and since it's nylon, it's pretty lightweight. I like it a lot, and the chain does not bother me at all.
  4. I am considering a bag with chains.... but I am also wondering if the chains will drive me crazy after a while. I may buy a cheaper, inspired bag and play around with it before I decide.

    Thanks guys- keep the comments coming!!
  5. Judie, rather then get an inspired bag, take a look at a new designer, Onna Ehrlich. and look at her croc bag with chain handles. You can find the grey and red on for $395 and use coupon code toutie for 20% might like something like's a very fashionable bag...
  6. Diamond- thank you for that link!! Gorgeous bags! However, I don't like side pockets on bags. But I do appreciate the link :tup:
  7. [​IMG]

    you could try this python leather purse from bloomies. it comes in off white, black, and taupe. there's an extra 30% ("SV719") of the sale price of $166.99. not bad as a "try it out" purse
  8. I find they can be heavy and difficult to deal with at times, but they are classy.
  9. Thank you Momo. That bag does look nice and at an amazing price but i don't love it :sad:

    I'm thinking that the chain look probably doesn't work as an every dag bag, more like a going out at night bag.
  10. I suppose they can get kind of heavy but I don't mind it. I have a jumbo Chanel flap and I love it and yes, I carry it every day.
  11. It is just the heaviness factor that turns me away from these really pretty bags.
  12. i have one too, from zara and as much as i love it and gotten a lot of compliments from it, i don't use it a lot coz it can get heavy and sets off the alarm at certain stores which is pretty embarrassing
  13. Whoa! Guess I never thought about that!!! That would be a barrel of laughs..........