Bags we will still love 20 years from now

  1. Okay whether I love the bag or not we all know LV's are classic bags...but what else will be....will it be the spy or something else? What bags will you always keep even if you don't carry and what do you consider the best quality bag for your money?

    I have some Coach that have value only to me...And my MJ bags will never be sold. I love my new stella will that be a classic bag? maybe not but we all know one when we see it...same with paddington and the spy and a chanel. so let me know what you think...and if this has been asked before sorry.
  2. Hopefully i'll get a speedy by the end of the year. I could see myself carrying it for a looong time!
  3. Very few fashion items make it 20 years. If you look up vintage designs on Ebay its obvious that they're vintage. I think vintage and a classic design, like a Hermes Kelly, are two different things. With vintage it looks like its from a certain time. The speedy maybe a classic design but its too common for me.
  4. Most Chanel will always be considered classic. The Classic Flap has been around FOREVER!
  5. ^^couldn't agree more:love:
  6. lv speedy & chanel flap is classic!
    i think YSL muse is also going to be classic :P
  7. Dear Friend:

    What a great question!~ At least for me, IMO, this question really has helped me determine my purchases from now on. From 50 years old which i am till the rest of my life.

    I feel, IF a bag can last for the next 20 years, then I'll buy it. And it is usually one very well made, with good quality leather, most likely made in Italy. But, may i say, this might be very different for a gal in her 20's and 30's. Perhaps this is you. Perhaps experimenting with fashion is what you love, as i did, but truthfully, i don't too much any longer. I want to be a grandma one day, that can pass along timeless values, maybe a Rosary, maybe a classic Hermes bag to my grandaughter one day. But this is just me. So, to answer your question friend, my answer is
    a good quality leather bag, probably a good designer, or at least one heck of a replica, in high quality leather. A classic style, not a fad. Hope this helps, and God Bless~:yes:
  8. Oh, I do feel sorry for you...don't you get it.... FAKES ARE ILLEGAL
  9. Classic Hermes (Birkin and Kelly) and classic Chanel (2.55) , in my opinion, will be here for a very, very long time.
  10. Yes, they are! Its too bad everyone can't be blessed with thousands to spend on bags! I for one am beginning to feel for those less fortunate than myself. I vote we don't get on those who love bags and just can't afford to spend what some of us are able too. Lets try to be compassionate!

    My advice...try to be patient and save for a classic bag you will love for many many years.
  11. The bags I have now and will keep forever are:
    Hermes black Kelly
    Hermes potiron Bolide
    Chanel black classic flap
    Judith Leiber evening bags
    Ferragamo Marissa bag
    Gucci Jackie bag

    Other bags I have now and love but I think the jury is still out on are:
    Fendi Spy
    Dior Gaucho
    Balenciaga motorcyle bags
    LV epi bags
    Bottega Veneta ball bag
  12. I have no compassion for those who knowingly purchase illegal bags and in doing so support terrorism.

    U.S. Customs Today - November 2002 - Financing Terror

    There are a lot of great, inexpensive bags (Gap/Banana republic/ Old Navy etc) out there to enjoy.
  13. ^^ In that quote I didn't say I support it! But I do have compassion for people who can't afford expensive bags and I would never yell at someone in a post. I would simply state as I did "try to be patient and save for a classic bag you will love for many many years". I don't think we should read in between lines that are not there.
  14. I did not in any mean to say that you support it, I was referring to another poster. I apologise if it came across like that. I too have compassion for those who can't afford expensive bags. I am not reading between any lines , just making my point after following the other posters comments since she joined this forum.
  15. ^ I also have total compassion for people who can't afford designer bags. In the past, I have argued against people on this forum who claim they give people carrying fake bags dirty looks.

    However, Ingrid has repeatedly boasted about her fake Chanels, in many threads, ever since she joined this forum and even claimed that she was glad that people were working in sweatshops to provide them for her.

    I don't think that was showing much compassion for the truly poor, now was it?