Bags vs Income

  1. Hello,

    I am new on this forum and spent hours reading through chanel topics. And then a reflexion came to me.

    Looking at all the pics of you with your bag it didn't seem to me you're all millionaire girls. ( Be careful it is not a value judgment but i try to understand the different culture).

    I am 25 and bought a second chanel bag recently. However i feel a bit guilty. Here in France it's very unsual to carry chanel bags when you're young. there is only one explanations : you're very rich. It is not my case (i have a confortable income but buying a chanel bag represent half of my monthly income) And if you, like me, carry Chanel bags but wear casual clothes, drive cheap car it means that you are poor and try to give a high image of you.

    So i wondered if carrying exclusive brand is considered just as fashion or does it includes social judgements in your respective countries

  2. I use my Jumbo caviar flap bag with jeans and a casual shirt because I LIKE to.....I don't need to show anyone any type of "image";)
  3. i think it's more of fashion in USA, and more of social judgements in Asian country, base on personal experience, it's very rare for young ladies carry Chanel in Asia except Japan. I also drive an average car-Honda Accord, and wear casual clothes w/ Chanel or LV, for those pp who don't know me well, they either assume the bags are fake and i am trying to create a high image, but i learn not to take let those comments bother me. Chanel and LV has been my passion, and will continue to be, it's just who i am. Everyone has a passion for a certin thing, ours just happen to be handbags :smile:
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience with me
  5. Chanel is for everyone. If you can afford it and not get yourself in ridiculous debt, why not use Chanel? I'm 22, not a millionaire, and an engineer. There is no reason for me to wear Chanel suits or glamorous Chanel clothing in my life. I may not have enough money to buy a nice car yet (my car is American and is 7 yrs old) but I will get my Porsche someday. :shame: Just not in my 20s (maybe late 20s). SO, I guess in YOUR terms, I'm "POOR" because I don't have those items. When I'm absolutely not. :shrugs:

    So what is left? Beautiful Chanel bags (often discreetly Chanel) that are within my reach. Image may have something to do with it, I admit, but it makes me happy. :yes: When image is everything, just go visit the LV or better yet, the Hermes forum.
  6. When I was a poor university student, I would buy an expensive bag because it was a step into luxury. I felt that even though I was not a millionaire, I would aspire to it through education, yet reward myself with a handbag beyond my income limits. However, you do have a point. Perhaps, living in the US promotes consumerism beyond saving. I do not need so many purses, yet there seems to be an urgency to get one from the newest collection. When I lived in Manhattan, the urgency was magnified because I wanted to fit in with all the other fabulous ladies because they were so glamorous. Now, my income has allowed me to afford luxuries, yet my desire to own more is still compelling. Perhaps it is all the advertising and consumerist attitude again urging me to buy every season to keep up with the newest fashion tendances (trends).
  7. Sorry if you thik i was a bit rude on the way i explain myself but as i am not a native english speaker it is not evident to have balanced words. bt i understand your opinion
  8. Its not necessarily a social thing in the US its just fashion. But I suppose some people would view others as trying to create an image. A lot of people in small towns in the US don't even know what Chanel is. So I think overall it is just whether you prefer to carry Chanel or another high end designer bag and accessories.
  9. After reading w-jade's post I do need to add that I like luxury items and I have a varied "collection" of luxury item. From the Lexus I drive to the home I own. So I can agree with w-jade the consumerist mindset and the ad campaigns I see definitely influence my choice and purchases. I subscribe to all the major fashion magazines and seeing the ads does fuel my desire to own a Chanel handbag from the latest collection.
  10. Hmmm...Thoughtful post....I think it's different for everyone....In my case I grew up at a different time when girls were girls and boys were boys....Lots of family dinners...We didn't have a lot but my parents tried the best they could...When we had to dress up it was very very important to look your best...Good shoes for church, socks with lace...Sometimes a hat and a ribbon..My favorite thing to do when I was growing up was playing in my grandmother's and Aunt's closets...They'd let me try on clothes and shoes and hats..they's show me their handbags and give me the 'low-down' on every did not take me long at all to figure out that these women had very, very, special things that they cherished and loved....Hence...years later..I am a a shoe fanatic, purse addict, clothes-hound queen... Yes I can afford nice things, but I don't buy them to buy myself a higher 'place' in society....Most of my friends have NO IDEA I am carrying an expensive designer handbag and I don't offer the info either....I just happen to love fashion and nice things..and the workmanship & quality of a beautiful handbag...It brings back fond memories and brings a smile to my face to know that my grandma/aunts would appreciate my collection and good taste that they bestowed on to the dentist!! :heart: Emmy

  11. Very well said Classic Chic!
  12. I totally agree, I don't own super expensive designer clothes (designer jeans, sure) - and usually accessories make an outfit. I buy because they are beautiful, and they make me feel beautiful wearing them, especially in my dressed down Juicy velour track suits on the weekends when I'm running errands with my kids. :smile:
  13. I'm still a student. My parents still support me for all my expenses as I don't work here in London. I need to manage my money to pay rent and other facilities. Anyway, I still got money left to pay for my bags and accessories.

    I love brandnames since I was young so I don't care about image and social judgement. I love brand since bag til car. I will never own the best but I own what I can get.

    I love bags but will think of other big things first like my place to stay or car. I will never drive an old car but own expensive hermes and Chnale bag.
  14. Interesting topic. Imo, in the US it is more of a fashion thing.
  15. Agree! :yes: