Bags VS a J12

  1. I plan to sell some of my bags to fund for a J12. I don't wanna take money from my saving to buy one. I got many watches 10+. Most of them are medium class (Gucci, Dior, Fendi,Tag...) and 2 are Chanel Chocolat and Cartier Pasha seatimer. Last time at the last minute I chose to buy a Cartier over a Chanel J12 but I couldn't get the J12 out of my mind.

    I always crazy about bags so I continue buying them and at the end I will never have a J12. Every month I have a fixed amount of saving so I will never take out my saving to buy stuffs.

    Do you think it worth to let the bags go and get a J12? My sister told me am crazy as my bags are cute and some I can't have them again. She said I have enough watches and no need for a J12. :shrugs:

    Do you guys think it worth or not? I'm now planning to sell more bags as am a student so it is a bit expensive for me. I rarely bought too expensive bags so I need to let at least 5-6 bags to go.

    Any ideas? :girlsigh:
  2. Why not sell some of the other watches instead? Just a thought...
  3. ^^ I was totally thinking that!
  4. :lol: coz I won't get the 50% of what I paid. That's why I will never think to sell my watches.
  5. I think you should switch your Bag Fund to a Watch Fund. Don't sell any of your bags though, if some are limited edition or discontinued it may be hard to get them again. Just focus on buying the watch, and try not to buy any more purses (but don't sell any of the ones you already have) while you are saving for the J12.

  6. :yes: From the latest sale I have spent nearly 2000 GBP :wtf:. I calculated the bills and couldn't believe myself. Nothing expensive too. It will always be price increases so I try to get one asap.:shame:

    I couldn't stop myself when I saw cheap and stunning bags (lol)
  7. Sell the bags. The J12 is a great watch, I want one too!!
  8. That is so funny, I chose a Cartier over the J12 back in May and the second I got it, I was thinking of a J12 so I ended up getting the J12 a few months ago and I LOVE it! Dont sell your watches. A girl needs a few good watches too!
  9. I totally agree!
    I would LOVE a J12!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Tough decision....i wuld suggest that you try to save till u have the money to get the J12. If not u can sell 1-2 of ur watches that u don't use and a few bags that u think u don't use it either.
  11. I truly madly deeply (LOL listening to old 90s music makes me happy) want a j12. I always get distracted by "cheaper" purchases (I'm a big fan of instant gratification)... but I wish I didn't because I think I would love the j12 so much more. You've inspired me to change the line under my username! I think you should sell the bags you don't love and focus on saving your watch fund. And don't sell your watches- my first watch was a Gucci and I could never dream of letting it go. The j12 is pretty but it can be inappropriate for certain settings, so it's good you have variety in your collection! And you're right, you would not be able to recoup most of the value of the watches...
  12. :yes::yes: You do understand me (lol)

  13. I'm a student and still got no job :shame:. That's why it's rather a big amount of money.

    Yeah! I do think nice bags should go with nice watches too. :roflmfao:
  14. I want a J12, too, but I don't know what I would wear with it.. I have a Gucci watch but actually I've never worn it or any other watch, except when I was a little kid. Let us know whenever you purchase that gorgeous watch!! :smile:
  15. Yup, I'm a student too! And I'm trying to focus on school/LSATs for the next couple of months, so I won't have time for a job... It's quite unfortunate because when I WAS making money, I could've easily bought one if I had held out on other purchases. Blah. And I would never dream of making my parents buy me such an expensive watch- I don't let them pay for any of my "frivolous" expenses... It will take me a while to save up, that is for sure!

    Good luck saving and make sure to come back and show pretty pictures!