Bags: visual aid pls!

  1. Hello,

    it's been a while since i joined the Purse Forum and learned a lot about bags, but, as English isn't my native language, I sometimes still get confused when people here refer to a kind of bag calling it with her model name (ex. tote, clutch, etc...). For istance, what's the difference between a tote and a shopping bag? And how do they look like?
    It could help posting pics of the different kind of bag with a small description of its features, and maybe some of the most significant models by several designers as reference.
    I'd like you to help me (and maybe other members) to create a sort of encyclopaedia of bags I can refer to. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I usually shop on Italian websites, so I couldn't solve the problem!
  3. wow this is wonderfully useful. thanks passerby!!